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이 부가 기능이 마음에 드시나요?

이 부가 기능의 개발자는 개발을 계속하기 위해 소액 기부를 통한 도움을 청하고 있습니다.

왜 Web Developer을(를) 만들었나요?

As a web developer myself I wrote this extension to help with my own work, but have expanded it and added new features requested by others.

Web Developer의 향후 계획은?

The to-do list shows the features I plan on adding in future releases.

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이름 chrispederick
사는 곳 San Francisco, CA
직업 Director of Front-end Engineering at Bleacher Report
홈페이지 http://chrispederick.com/
가입한 날짜 March 5, 2007
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Director of front-end engineering Bleacher Report. Author of the Web Developer and User Agent Switcher browser extensions and Read Ruler for Pocket.