Not working with my main scripts. 5점중 3점 받음

It doesn't work at all with adsbypasser ( and the main website is down. I had to use nigtly build for it to work well with viewtube ( Switched back to greasemonkey.

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Doesn't work w ith some User Scripts 5점중 3점 받음

I had used GreaseMonkey for years and at some point switched to Scriptish. Recently I installed a user script that was using MutationObservers. It didn't work at all with Scriptish. I switched back to GreaseMonkey and it worked fine.

Good enough 5점중 5점 받음

I play OGame, so I run several scripts and Scriptish runs them well, and you can always download the nightly builds;
which I am, the latest, 2014-10-24 20:00, but I checked to day and the a new nightly is out, released today 2014-11-20 12:00.

GreasseMonkey has only been active in the last year, might be better but for me Scriptish is run everything OK, but maybe too good, I see that when I'm in lkooks like the scripts are not run once but constantly, my CPU when nothing else is, and no other tabs on SeaMonkey is at unusual 12% I have 4 cores, so that's 4*12=48% of 1 core, looks like the scripts are constantly running, is this because of Scriptish, the scripts or OGame, or any combo of 3 three?

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1.11 nor 1.12 work with firefox v30

很好的扩展,可惜维护不力,即将面临淘汰。。。。。。 5점중 5점 받음


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Abandoned... do not download! 5점중 1점 받음

Scriptish was great and I used it for quite a long time, but sadly it seems to have been abandoned by the developers (no updates in over a year), and now with the new FF30 scripts don't work properly anymore when using Scriptish. Use Greasmonkey folks!

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5점중 2점 받음

Outdated, sadly. The version on here hasn't been updated in about a year and with the latest nightly version, there's scripts I use that work fine with Greasemonkey but are not fully-functional under Scriptish. A shame, really, as the caching feature of Scriptish is nice.

Hijacks and rewrites URLs even when scripts are disabled 5점중 1점 받음 is currently inaccessible. can be used instead
But scriptish hijacks the url and forcefully changes it to https, which does not work on those pages.

What the hell???
I'm back to GM.

Abandonware 5점중 1점 받음

I was a long-time user of Scriptish but recently I moved back to Greasemonkey.

Ironically, the developer all but abandoned it while Greasmonkey is actively maintained and supported.

Scriptish does not implement some functions used by Greasemonkey (like GM_info) which causes scripts to fail installing.

Last version was released Released June 14, 2013. In the same period of time Greasmonkey released 6 versions and countless betas.

103 open issues on Github, some opened over 2 years ago.

Oh, and good luck trying to contact the developer.


5점중 5점 받음

It's a lot lighter and faster and can do just as much as greasemonkey!

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This feels lighter/faster & more stable compared to when I was using Greasemonkey on my add-on heavy FF. Thank you!

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Great Extension, Simple, easy and working, Thank you

Pease ADD RUN button to toolbar 5점중 4점 받음

I have to refesh page on ajax site to make my scripts run . Waitforkeyelements is not always work on some sites and it's hard to use.Please add run button to toolbar and hotkey for run on current page.

Awesome addon - support for Firefox versions is incorrect 5점중 5점 받음

This is a very good and useful addon and I've written extensions for a number of purposes with large followings. The most recent versions of Scriptish won't install in Pale Moon (Firefox 20.2) saying the software is not compatible with Firefox 20.2. However, if one installs an older version (say 0.1.8) and then upgrades things work just fine.

Please add execution order 5점중 4점 받음

If it's better than greasymonkey, then at least have all the features greasymonkey has at the moment

5점중 4점 받음

I can't simulate click event

Very good 5점중 5점 받음

Good fork of Greasemonkey.
Please modify the height of number icon scripts in 16 px because now is too big and change the height of the toolbar or addons-bar.