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  • Privacy badger found more trackers than I ever imagined existed. #DataPrivacy!
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  • Хорошее приложение
  • Trustworthy Simple Reputable Reliable Tun-able. Privacy badger "beavers" away almost transparently, while still allowing you to tune it effectiveness per site.
  • Он ломает сайт AliExpress. Для тех у кого сайт отображается некорректно отключайте плагин на сайте.

    This plugin brokes AliExpress, for correct work AliExpress you need to turn this plugin off on AliExpress
    Hello! This breakage should be fixed in the latest update of Privacy Badger (version 2019.1.7.1).

    To get help with Privacy Badger in the future, please visit our GitHub issue tracker at https://github.com/EFForg/privacybadger/issues, or email extension-devs@eff.org