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  • Hands down the best extension to ever exist related to internet browsers.

    This little thing gives you the most security you can imagine while surfing the internet (other than using a VPN, which I unfortunately do not use because I don't have a job to pay the subscription fee). If you do not have this installed, you must live under a rock considering the hellhole of security issues that is the modern internet. This is extremely important to have in all of your computers' browsers along with uBlock Origin, a hosts file and a VPN. Ideally you should buy NordVPN or another well established dedicated VPN company that works for all traffic on your computer, not just browsing. If you don't know what a hosts file is, look up someonewhocares. Combining these is essential for today's PC users.
  • Ein Muss für Leute, die ein Windows System nutzen. Schützt vor XSS, CSRF, Javascript Injection, Intranet Hacking und vielen anderen noch unbekannten Bedrohungen. Ein Anti-Virus Programm reicht leider alleine nicht aus, da diese im Allgemeinen vor solchen Attacken kein Schutz geben(Snake-oil).
  • This Add-on Extension for the Firefox Browser glitches whenever I go to a new internet page. It also made my Social Media graphics look totally generic that altered the appearance of the page. I removed this extension and everything went back to normal.
  • Works very well
  • Good extentions
  • the best of best
  • So far so good