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버전 0.9.4 55.2 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 21.0 이상

  • Button is now shown in private mode
  • Updated logo based on a new vector graphic
  • Updated SDK version to 1.15, which allows for much smaller extensions

버전 0.9.3 209.7 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 17.0 이상

  • Add support for changed API in Firefox 23
  • Updated to SDK 1.14

버전 0.9.1 206.8 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 17.0 이상

  • New: Button in the settings to move the FlashDisable button to the navigation toolbar

버전 0.9 206.5 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 17.0 이상

  • New: Option to disable Flash at startup of firefox
  • Updated to latest Addon-SDK

버전 0.8.5 205.5 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 15.0 이상

  • Fixed: Addon not working anymore; not using Addon SDK AddonManager anymore, because it's userDisabled property does not work reliable (reported by FFbest)
  • Added: Optional feature to reload site after activating flash (requested by Daniel Schlosser)

버전 0.8.4 134.1 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 14.0 이상

* Fix exception when button is not in toolbar
* Temporary fix for disappearing of adblock plus button under certain circumstances (see toolbarbutton.js:133)
+ Update button after customizing the toolbar (eg. adding the button from palette)

버전 0.8.1 134.1 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 13.0 이상

Fixed wrong label of the button.

버전 0.5 113.7 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 13.0 이상

Name of the Flash plugin is now adjustable.
Message if Flash could not be found.

버전 0.3 97.3 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 13.0 이상

Show Button after installation in navigation toolbar.