Why retire the best..? 5점중 1점 받음

Currently fighting with bugs in ChromeLog PHP vs FF developer tools.. big associative arrays and objects fails abjectly and certain pages in wordpress will not output anything where Firebug used to run just fine, honestly this has made my life harder :-/

5점중 5점 받음


5점중 1점 받음

RIP :.(

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Please revive this addon... 5점중 5점 받음

It's a goddam beautiful, specially the features error notification which is very important without checking the console..
Firefox Developer doesn't have that features very sad. +_+

R.I.P. 5점중 1점 받음

FF went from the best to being the worst dev browser ;(

5점중 1점 받음

Please Return old style, return old function

BAD idea! 5점중 1점 받음

You gave us a product that is in other browsers. We do not need this! Bring back a good product, please!

What a piece of crap this new version ! 5점중 1점 받음

Go back to old version !!
Why I have to install an old version to be satisfied...

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The new firebug is the most worst thing ever happend 5점중 1점 받음

Please go back to the old style. The new one couldn't be more bad!

Please Return old styl 5점중 1점 받음

Please Return old style, return old function

Old update 5점중 5점 받음

For those you complain about the new update.. Please, try to look further then your noze.. Check here and get the update you want : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firebug/versions/?page=1#version-2.0.18

Rollback Please 5점중 5점 받음

I thought I did something wrong. But is from last update, I see..
This version cant be used at all... Console not working. Is like I watch a blank new open notepad file .
Please rollback or fix this .

(I rate 5 for old version, this version rating is 0 )

Bring back my old firebug 5점중 5점 받음

Hello Team,
Please rollback your new firebug it is really bad .the old one was perfect!
please bring my old firebug version.

rollback to classic firebug!! 5점중 1점 받음

The worst update ever. You have make that i switch to Google Chrome for develop :(

Update 5점중 5점 받음

Thanks for addon. When will you update for new firefox version? Because console is not working now. :(

stop destroying a wonderfull tool 5점중 1점 받음

Please rollback your new firebug it is realy mess the old one was perfect!!!!

very badddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! 5점중 1점 받음

I can estimate (-10) points from (-10). I try to use Firebug with firepath, but I can't now after updates, the updates are AWFUL!!!!!! I can not use Firebug more
Please where I can download the old version? I need for work. This is a big problem for me!

Worst updates ever 5점중 1점 받음

worst updates ever, makes so confusing unable to edit attributes to tags, uneasy to find the console ajax calls etc etc. how can i degrade???

Bad very bad update 5점중 1점 받음


You can download the old version and it will work! I put a bad evaluation for what is badly updated!

Out of the frying pan, into the fire 5점중 1점 받음

If v2.0.18 broke things, v2.0.19 appears to've made things even worse.

Seriously guys, WTF? Are you getting paid to kill off this once-wonderful extension?

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