230 reviews
  • Best one yet! Simple whitelisting button makes it easy to whitelist pages without going to the settings. Dark theme isn´t perfect for every website but it´s very hard to do that. Also love the bat logo! :D
  • justo lo que buscaba.
  • Works pretty well. How do I add whitelists in Firefox for Android?
  • The whitelist is very good.
    I want you to implement a hot key.
  • Dark Night Mode saves my eyes and does it in style. Well done!
  • Doesn´t work properly, especially on YouTube ...
  • Makes web pages darker, but not completely black, so web pages are still look good.
  • This is super helpful.This is awesome.Epic add-on.when i get a pay-pal account i will probably donate some cash
  • Muy buen tema. Modifica muy bien los colores en los sitios. Save you eyes!
  • I love this add-on, I really love it.
  • Seems to work just fine on most places, on YT it shits its pants when you open a video, the edges are still white and annoying AF, when browsing its ok. No damn theme seems to work for me on yt since the damn update
  • Nice! Simple and effective.
  • nice
  • j’apprécie bpc cette extension car c agréable pour les yeux de surfer sur internet avec un écran noir.
  • Best