225 reviews
  • Does not work well with Education websites (e.g. Udemy, coursea etc) . Concept is good but when it comes to multiple frames, it struggles a bit.
  • I would welcome CSS editor to edit specific settings, ideally on specific websites. Doesn't mean it's broken on that website, but it may be something small that I don't like for example. After that, nothing wrong with this extension!
  • works fine
  • I've installed and quickly uninstalled a number of "dark mode" addons over the years because they'd inevitably break on a lot of sites. So far this one has done a fantastic job on every page I've tried!
  • it works amazingly well. Great job.
  • Awesome, absolutely love it...
  • good for pretty much any site but not the best for professional visuals. but still works great
  • Best dark mode out of 4 I have tried. Lots of different dark mode to choose from. It shows the menu of google doc, unlike others.
  • I expected a lot of bugs but this add-on seems to work perfectly for almost every site.
  • Amazing work. Sites seem themed somehow, not just inverted.
  • great
  • Best one yet! Simple whitelisting button makes it easy to whitelist pages without going to the settings. Dark theme isn´t perfect for every website but it´s very hard to do that. Also love the bat logo! :D
  • justo lo que buscaba.