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  • It would be nice if this allowed us to use only the brightness option without changing the site's CSS, as it breaks lots of websites.
  • Thank you!
    This is what I have been searching a very long time.
    Sadly, there are many sites that can't be darkened properly, but the most of my frequent sites are now dark :)

    This works great on Firefox too, not only Google Chrome

    Thanks again
  • Works Perfectly
  • Man!! first time I make a review,
    I am coder by profession and I'm speechless how this plugin has help my eyes, Thank you....
  • Pretty nifty extension, but i wish it could exception entire domains w/ sub domains and a Blacklist feature.
  • Amazing add-on! There are still some minor issues, however, this project is rather young but grows in popularity and I'm sure these issues can be overcome in the near future!
  • Not bad, but Google Images are invisible with this addon.
  • Decent, but still has plenty of room for improvement. One particular thing I'd like to see is the ability to customize the choice of colors used. For example when I use this extension on Facebook, it makes the text in the edit boxes light gray on white. This is very difficult to read, and hurts my eyes, which the purpose of this extension was supposed to be easy on the eyes. Perhaps you can make an options page with a color picker for each color used in the current page theme override.
  • "Whatsapp web", the letters are black as the background...
    Fix this, please!
  • It's pretty good and very easy to use. My only feedback, which I know is not easy to fix and not that common of an issue, is that when using this addon website with code blocks with syntax coloring will lose their syntax colors.