225 reviews
  • Great idea, good project but still needs improvement and until then it NEEDS shortcuts, DOES NOT WORK WITH WIKIPEDIA
  • Really great addon. Best one for Dark mode for websites.

    Sometimes it doesn't work on some websites or it will temporarily freeze Firefox but it is definitely worth it for the dark modes.

    Thanks for the appreciation. Can you let us know on which websites it doesn't work?

  • I really like this add-on on Firefox for Android, it would be perfect if you could choose AMOLED black instead of the default dark theme.
  • It does as advertised, is a lot more sleek, consistent, and easy to use compared to other universal dark themes, but in my experience it absolutely hogs resources and makes firefox unstable.
  • Good but it has some bug, for e.g. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger incoming text not shown when mode is enabled.
  • Has serious problems with quite a few sites, and just about useless for YouTube. The "Dark Mode" plugin ended up being better for my needs. Facebook was the only site I saw significantly better performance on.
  • Wow! Exactly what I wanted. Really works.
  • UI seems to be bit complex.
  • Working on Android!!
  • It would be nice if this allowed us to use only the brightness option without changing the site's CSS, as it breaks lots of websites.
  • Thank you!
    This is what I have been searching a very long time.
    Sadly, there are many sites that can't be darkened properly, but the most of my frequent sites are now dark :)

    This works great on Firefox too, not only Google Chrome

    Thanks again
  • Works Perfectly