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  • Extension does not work, Nice and dark at the top of the page but the second you scroll no joy it goes back to white.
  • gets the job done, and seems to break the least amount of websites out of all its competition, at least for me.

    i just wish there were more features, some kind of per site settings would be nice, or at least a blacklist

    also, you cant whitelist any single url of a website (i dont know how to word this well. for example, you can whitelist reddit.com, but you cant whitelist reddit.com/r/all), which is a pretty huge let down. still probably the best on the market tho
  • I tried about five to seven dark/night mode add-ons and extensions before this one. They all lacked the intelligent subtleties that must have gone into the development of this add-on. This one has site-specific settings and a white list, and has not caused any visual unpleasantness or stability issues. I have not used it long, but after running a slew of tests viewing various web pages needing a night mode and others I'd like to be exceptions, I have to say that this add-on is head-above-shoulders bettering its competition. Many thanks to its developer. I hope he continues to update this plugin for long time to come.
  • Pretty fucking good. Has a whitelist, and can dim images. The icon is crap tho.
  • Pretty decent works on most of the sites I visit. It does not work for amazon though. Which was one of the reasons I was looking for a dark mode extension.
  • just ok
  • In welcome screen, default pages and a few website it doesn't work. It might flash a bright color as you browse.
  • Works great on both Chrome and Opera (with the Chrome extension tool), but it's broken on Firefox. Google Images doesn't display any images, it changes the colour of pages/text/font into blue for some weird reason. Needs major fixes, will look at other options for the time being.
  • Unlike another similar addon I was using, this one doesn't slow down page load times! On Google search, though, I can't see any of the images with this enabled. Besides that, I haven't found any other issues. I like the simplicity of it and the brightness adjuster. Being able to set custom times (for auto) would be nice since I am a night owl and prefer it to be switched around.
  • 12019/02/05
    It's a nice little add-on and it does help reduce the strain on your eyes when looking at a screen in the dark. I gave this add-on only two stars because I don't really like how it handles text, which is often shown in shades of blue; this creates some problems:
    - it makes the text less legible due to the low contrast with the background
    - it makes different typefaces and fonts less easily discernible
    - it kinda defeats the purpose of a blue light filter
    That being said, this add-on has not caused me significant technical problems (e.g. slow loading of pages, crashes, ungodly use of CPU) so thumbs up in that regard!
  • Does the "Auto" mode work with the location API of Firefox ? Because its not going dark when its darktime on my location. I dont see a option to add the location manually.