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  • It works on most websites, but sometimes it doesn't quite. Only have two gripes with it:

    * doesn't detect if site is already using a dark mode. This would probably be a bit hard to implement, though, and is not the reason I've docked a star.
    * there's some weird stuff going on with Twitch. It sometimes blacks out half the video even if twitch is "whitelisted" (which confusingly means "prevent extension from working on this site," as opposed to the standard "allow this"). Workaround for that is disabling overlays (e.g. dynamic follow buttons and amazon overlay).
  • Works nicely, much better than others that I have used including a paid night mode app. When the developer makes donations available (they are working on it according to their webpage), I will gladly donate some funds since this Firefox Add-on is simple to use and actually functions properly. Thank you for your creation!
  • works great at the most of websites.
  • saved my eyes
  • One of the best extention for my work browser. Thanks! Can I work with you?
  • Easy to whitelist pages when i don't want dark theme on
  • There are quite a few Dark Mode extensions available, and some of them do different things, like being able to whitelist certain sites, or to change based on time-of-day.
    This one however does it all, and is user-friendly as well. Easily 5/5.