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  • Setting Firefox to Dark Theme is only marginally useful when the actual web pages are unaffected by local settings.

    This add-on makes my browsing experience far more comfortable over extended periods of time.

    As noted in the description; there are technical challenges that lead to one or two quirks in display on some pages. These are sufficiently negligible and/or rare that it is no issue to work around them compared with the huge improvement in long term viewing comfort.

    I wish I had found this add-on earlier.
  • Well deserved five starts, please add Alt+Shift+D shortcut to turn on/off Thank you!
  • Lovely have been using this since 2 years ago
  • I'd give it 5 stars had it a shortcut key/hotkey to it : ) (left a feature req. on gh)
  • מועילה מאוד לציבור בכלל ולכבדי הראיה בפרט עלו והצליחו.
  • Гарно зроблено.
  • La extensión es genial me gusta es un alivio para mis ojos gracias
  • I want web page to darker only specific domain, not for all as default. So its need a list to dark color for the linked page- which is listed. And others all are non-darken. If this possible system have in an extension- please reply me to define. I found nothing since two years to get it. Thank you
  • Really want to give this a 5-star but it's been a year since the last update and the promised "This feature is currerntly under construction and is not available for public use" has not materialized, and this is a crucial usage feature.

    Other than that, it's a great addon.
  • can i change color?