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버전 5.7 44.1 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 20.0 이상

FEATURE: Opacity transformation was implemented in the transform and the menu.
FEATURE: Domain preferences are saved now more safely as Firefox content preferences.
FEATURE: The menu is now a panel that may optionally stay open and may be dragged.
FEATURE: The panel now always shows fourteen themes, the option for the second row was removed.
FEATURE: The option to make borders transparent was removed, because opacity may be set now.
FIX: A mistake which prevented themes to be applied completely was corrected.
FIX: Minimal compatibility with the Australis interface was realized.
FIX: In addition to 'nglayout.initialpaint.delay', 'html5.flushtimer.initialdelay' is now set.
FIX: The menu background now retains its opaque color when the 'GlassMyFox' add-on is used.
FIX: The developer menu now hides when the cursor moves out of it.
FIX: The domain preferences are no more visualized in the theme tool tips to protect privacy.
FIX: A timer is used now to make slider redrawing faster during mouse drag.
FIX: The slider drawing code was made faster by drawing its constant content only once.

버전 5.5 37.6 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 19.0 이상

FIX: The toolbar button is now placed on the navigator toolbar during installation and re-enabling.
FIX: The menu now handles large system fonts correctly without clipping or distortion.
FIX: Instead of the width and height of images, the naturalWidth and naturalHeight are used now.
FIX: A warning message is inserted in main documents to inform users of canvas element injection.

버전 5.4 36.9 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 19.0 이상

Colorific was improved again:

FEATURE: A dutch translation of the extension text content was added.
FIX: Background images no more flash their untransformed content when they are reloaded.
FIX: A canvas container element is no more added to the page unless absolutely necessary.
FIX: Customization of the toolbar button is now mirrored in any other open browsers.
CODE: The main extension code is now distributed over 'bootstrap.js' (generic) and 'addon.js' (specific).

버전 5.1 33.0 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 17.0 이상

Version 5.1 mainly introduces a new, graphical interface:

FEATURE: The textual menu was replaced by a graphical menu to make the extension easier to use and more flexible.
FEATURE: The lightness inversion options that relied on brightness estimation were removed become of errors in drawWindow.
FEATURE: Two CSS color properties were added: "border-image-source" and "outline-color".
FEATURE: Two options were added to control the automatic coloration of pages at web domains for which a theme index was saved.
FEATURE: An option was added to make foreground images less opaque (except on hover) to reduce contrast with dark backgrounds.
FEATURE: An option was added to enable delaying the first paint event to make it more likely that the page shows up colorized.
FEATURE: An option was added to enable making all element borders transparent so as to impose a 'flat' design.
FIX: The maximum image size limits were increased to prevent downsizing or exclusion of images when this is not desired/necessary.
FIX: An error in the low-level transform which led to noticable hue shifts was corrected.
FIX: In the HSL-to-RGB transform, the saturation (g) is now set to 0 when it is negative to prevent underflow.
CODE: The hsl transform in 'cta.js' was sped up by 40% by replacing the array of transform coefficients by named constants.
CODE: Instead of repeated calls to garbageCollect, forceGC() is now called once after the main document is transformed.

버전 3.1 13.3 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 12.0 이상

Version 3.1 adds automation and other useful features:

1) An option was added to apply Colorific automatically to the main document of all opened web pages.
2) Two options were added to prevent color inversion in case a page is brighter or darker than gray, respectively.
3) Two options were added to exclude images above a certain size (100k/10k pixels), so as to leave high resolution images untouched.
4) An option was added to replace images by canvas elements, which is approx. 15% faster on consequtive transforms and prevents long data URL's.

버전 3.0 13.3 KB 작동 버전 Firefox 12.0 이상