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버전 26.9 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 26.0 이상

Fixed compatibility issue with Firefox 38.

버전 26.9 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 21.0 이상

Fixed bug causing the addon to not work in Firefox 36.

버전 26.7 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 21.0 이상

버전 202.3 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 19.0 이상

- Added area2 support (baiitsu).
- Cliget now works in private mode and when "never remember history" is set.
- Fixed bug where cliget breaks external view source.

버전 202.0 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 19.0 이상

- Added option for removing Accept-Encoding header.
- Fixed bug where cliget causes request body to be corrupted.
- Built with the latest SDK (1.14).

버전 177.4 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 17.0 이상

Fixed bug causing the download button of PDF.js to break as reported by dE_logics.

버전 1.0.1-signed.1-signed 177.4 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 17.0 이상

Ported the addon to the new Firefox SDK. If it's not supported on your version of Firefox, you may use the older version available here:

- Installation no longer requires browser restart
- Optimizations to reduce overhead
- New icon :)
- Handle POST requests resulting from form submissions
- Context-menu actions work for links, images, pages, and iframes
- Various bug fixes and enhancements

버전 0.6.1-signed.1-signed 15.0 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 3.6 이상

- Added an option (in about:config: cliget.use_double_quotes) to let the user decide whether they want single quotes or double quotes in their commands. Mainly useful for Windows users as it doesn't support single quote.

- Allow the user to include their own extra commandline options by default (cliget.wget.options, cliget.curl.options).

버전 0.5.1-signed.1-signed 14.9 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 3.6 이상

- Removed context menu entry for FTP links since FTP is not yet supported.
- Cleared a couple of errors that show in the error log.

버전 0.4.1-signed.1-signed 15.8 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 3.6 이상

- Download URL is now escaped to fix possible problems caused by raw URLs.

- Emulated requests are now identical to that of Firefox because we now copy the exact headers from the Firefox request itself. Downloads now work on even more websites.

- Explicitly setting file name or using content-disposition header in wget and curl resulting in downloads with correct file names.

버전 0.3.1-signed.1-signed 11.8 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 1.5 이상

Added entries in context menu for directly copying commands to clipboard. And now curl is disabled by default.

버전 0.2.1-signed.1-signed 8.2 KiB 작동 버전 Firefox 1.5 이상

Wrapped JS variables and functions in a Javascript object to avoid any potential conflict with other addons.