69 reviews
  • These are all very nice pastel themes. One thing I did to enhance them is to use userChrome.css to adjust fontsize. Great work Max!
    Thanks, I really appreciate it!
  • Calm Pastel #3 is not showing itself on the search bar; neither did the purple pastel.
    I'm signed in to Firefox so what's the problem? Never had this happen before.
    Have you tried removing and reinstalling or rebooting your computer? Shouldn't be an issue with the theme itself, I'd imagine that's a problem with your Firefox installation.
  • I just adore these pastel colored themes! this one is perfect
    Thanks, I personally use this theme myself—never intended for it to (or imagined it would) be so widely used.
  • One of the best colors I've seen in the section of themes
    Appreciate it—if you have any requests, please let me know!
  • I love this theme on desktop but this not getting appied on android plz check this.
    New themes like these are not supported in android, though I imagine that with the release of Fenix (a fairly drastic update) they will be.

  • Excellent .... love the collars and it is easy to see the active tab