Mi Favorito desde....... Siempre...!!! 5점중 5점 받음

Excelente para relajarte mientras navegas por internet.

Adds Color and LIFE. Love it!! 5점중 4점 받음

Beautiful, simple and serene. Intermittent animation fixed by disabling, then re-enabling, theme. Other than this small quirk, I just love it!

5점중 3점 받음

Really nice animation :-)

falla 5점중 2점 받음

El tema es de animación pero no funciona :(

adorable 5점중 5점 받음

I had some probs using the theme in the beginning it just would not be animated. but after a while it worked out, I love it!!!! thank you

Schönes Theme 5점중 5점 받음

Sehnsucht nach Sonne kommt auf.

5점중 5점 받음

I just love it. It moves and the main part is simple and does not have many elements in the middle so the tabs are easy to read. Really like it.

5점중 5점 받음

I like this theme and the colour schemes, but have one question. Doesn't it make Firefox slower when the theme's animated?

5점중 5점 받음

esse tema é muito fofo

5점중 5점 받음

Simply good!

Wow 5점중 5점 받음


Love this! 5점중 5점 받음

What's not to love when it comes to Snoopy & Woodstock!

5점중 5점 받음

Cutie Cutie! Thanks for this one :)

Snoopy's back! 5점중 5점 받음


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5점중 5점 받음

its soooo cute! :)

5점중 4점 받음

Es muy lindo pero no puedo hacer que tenga movimiento, alguien sabe cómo?

Me gusto mucho 5점중 5점 받음

Esta muy bien hecha, estaria bien otro del varon rojo. Un saludo

5점중 5점 받음


5점중 5점 받음

Yes, simple and nice. I've been using it for a while.
By the way, VF, please how do you make those animated themes? I'm trying to publish one but it's in GIF so it's rejected. Hope you'll help me.

5점중 5점 받음

Nice! :)