Gentle Thunderbird! 5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

Thunderbird never drop the letter. ^^

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A pleasant and discreet theme.
The downside is it is too narrow when maximized. I find on a 2560x1600 screen, the back ground graphic is short on the left side of the screen, leading to a black square under the Icon, File/Edit menus.

verdwijnen email 5 つ星中 1 つの評価を受けています

emails verdwijnen zo automatich

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Sehr leicht zu bedienen

Semplice e bella 5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

Semplice e bella

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A handsome, minimalist Thunderbird theme. Very easy on the eyes. Will be using this for a long time to come.

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love you blue bird

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Lovely pairing with Firefox Suave, with the same great combination of the bold and the subtle.

simple and beauty. 5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

simple and beauty. And not black. This is what i looking for.

Elegant and useful 5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

I really love the simplicity of this theme. It addresses the many frustrations I have with the current fad of "flat" interface design (e.g. form elements or tabs becoming indistinguishable from the background). Well done!

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As already said - it's simple and clean theme without any stupid fancy decorations which only makes your eyes hurt :) just love it !

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Simple and clean!

5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

sobre et classe :)
de plus va bien avec le thème "air" de kde je trouve.

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I love this theme, but the one thing that irritates me is that when you mouse over a tab next to the currently selected one, rather than the current tab appearing to be in front as with the default theme, the tabs merely overlap. But I use this theme for Thunderbird, and Firefox Suave for my Firefox, and over all I really like the look.

Simple and professional 5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

No messy contrasting images, no poor colour choice, no strain on the eyes trying to read tabs. Usability and look 9/10. (Attachment bar at bottom is black, can't read filename as it's black too).

Sinnlos 5 つ星中 1 つの評価を受けています

Wer braucht enn schon so ein Persona?
Lächerlich und sinnlos für mich

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It's lovely. Great fading so it's just not plain white. Clean. And you can see all your links and Bookmarks Bar. Really nice persona!