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  • Please make it work again. It is one of the best ever
  • I really miss it. Firefox does not support this Add-on.
  • Has not told us if a web extensions version will be produced. There is no current marker tool in FF 57+
  • Any chance of Wired-Marker back to Firefox? I really need this extension for my work.
    Thank you for using Wired-Marker.
    We are sorry for inconveniences you man have.

    If you would like to continue using Wired-Marker, please check another edition of Firefox or browser like below.


    Firefox ESR

    We do not check their security or compatibility, when installing above browser, please use them at your own risk.

    Best Regards,
  • Eu uso o firefox 57 64 bits e consta como incompatível com a minha versão. vocês podem corrigir isso eu gostava muito de usa-la mas já não posso mais
  • Just perfect! When will Mozilla finally endorse it and make it part of official release?
  • se queda bonita la pagina cuando subrayas
  • I love this program! I used it for years then all of a sudden it stopped working and got error messages everytime FF started, pretty much like what the other reviewer said 'bitsMarkingCollection.init():TypeError: doc is undefined' and similar. I just discovered Internote, a sticky note add-on, was causing it! It's gone.
    Anyone else who has the same problem, check your other extensions.
  • I am getting this popup on startup of Firefox stable release (55.0.3).

    Error details:

    bitsMarkingCollection.init():TypeError: doc is undefined
    Thank you for using Wired-Marker and we are sorry for the inconveniences you may have.

    Some of other Firefox add-ons may conflict with Wired-Marker.
    If you have installed new add-ons, would you try disabling them?
    To disable add-ons follow below steps

    1. Select Tools -> Add-ons from Firefox menu.
    2. Click “Extensions” from list.
    3. Click “Disable” button of the add-on.
    4. Restart Firefox.

    If disabling new added add-ons make no sense, or not installing any add-ons, try disabling all add-ons except for Wired-Marker and restart Firefox.
    If the problem disappeared, some of the add-ons conflict with Wired-Marker.
  • I backed up Wired-Marker regularly, but now am unable to locate the backups for pre-FF 52.

    I now have the latest version of Wired-Marker. How can I be assured that these backups will work in future releases of Wired-Marker? It appears that Microsoft has reorganized directories, and that may be the problem. The Firefox folder where these files were located was as follows: … AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles…

    Now Microsoft directory organization has the Roaming folder located differently.

    I would like to mention that I thought I had a hard drive failure on an ASUS computer, took it to Fry’s, they wiped the drive and reinstalled Windows10. Later I discovered that the only problem was with the BIOS. Had it been set to Default none of this would have been necessary. There appears to be a problem with the BIOS in ASUS computers losing their settings. Default, so far, corrects Boot failures.
  • Thx to the developer for bringing it back to life! Highlighting text in long web pages is very useful. Great for research in combination with Zotero, or just for identifying interesting news and links. A significant time-saver, especially when not revisiting the same web page for weeks or months.
  • Works really well, great addon, but the user interface should be make more simple and more: intuitive, because it's very complicated. I hope it would be possible in the future to sync with a cloud, and post the bookmark on bookmarking services.
  • Great addon, but "list view" doesn't work, so that means there's no good way to summarize highlights, "subject index" is not good... Any way to make "list view" work?
  • Many thanks to developer, for this update. I thought it was the end with FF 51.0. I use the Wired-Marker for years and I have marked a lot of pages for my work. Almost every day I am going back to my markers and notes I have add to every page. Now I will try to save some of my work before I will lost everything of my notes. But the best is, if you find a way for Wired-Marker to continue work after FF 57.0 . I wish!!

    Any way, thank you again
  • Many thanks to the developer for providing this much required & requested update to support FF versions greater than 51.0. Finally able to upgrade my version of FF.
  • it's not too much praise this tool. During the last one year, it gived me so much superise and help. thanks to all of the professional developers!!!
  • Dear Customers,

    Thank you for using Wired-Marker.
    You can download newer version of Wired-Marker that work with FF52 or later.

    But this add-on file (xpi) is not signed now, it works with only developer / ESR version of Firefox under e10s disabled and xpinstall.signatures.required set disable condition.
    (This version of xpi have already submitted to Mozilla add-ons. But its queue position is 241 of 276, now. So I think it will take 50days or so to be signed and released on Mozilla add-ons site.)

    And this update is tentative (just fixed for current problem).
    Wired-Marker is a kind of so-called "Legacy Add-ons", and it will not work with FF57 or later, completely.
    Please read Mozilla Add-ons Blog for detail. (https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2017/02/16/the-road-to-firefox-57-compatibility-milestones/)




    既に新バージョンはmozilla add-onsに登録申請していますが、アドオンの審査待ち順が現在241番目となっており、mozilla add-onsサイトで署名付き公開されるまでに50日程度かかりそうな状況です。

    また、今回のアップデートはとりあえず、現在の動作しない問題に対策を行ったもので、いわゆる"Legacy Add-ons"であるWired-MarkerはFF 57以降で完全に動作しなくなります点、ご留意ください。本件の詳細は、Mozilla Add-ons Blogをご参照頂ければと存じます。

  • This was one of the most useful (kinda indispensable) add-on that I had ever come across and it worked flawlessly, until FF v.52 came along.
    Not sure whether the developer has any plans to update it but it would be great if they can do so. I wouldn't mind paying for the license either.
    Another good idea would be to put the code up on github and make the software open-source. Many of us would be willing/able to make the upgrade.

    Right now, I'm forced to revert FF to v.51.
  • This plugin is so useful to me I downgraded Firefox to 50.1.0 (though 51.x should work too), blocked Firefox updates, and installed an old version of this plugin to be able to continue to use it. Would be 5* but I took one away because it's not yet available for the latest FF.

    For folks that upgraded and want to get back, install FF <= 51.x. Then to install the prior WiredMarker version, click "Version Information -> Complete Version History" below and click a link for the prior Wired-Marker version.
  • I just upgraded to what I thought was 51, but Moz did an upgrade to 52 instead and now the plugin isn't working.

    Is this working with 51?

    For the record, this is a 6 stars out of 5 product when it's working (I might even say 11 stars out of 5). It's truly that amazing. As a physician and researcher I love this tool and cannot imaging being without it.

    Unfortunately, over the past several years it has become more and more unreliable, likely because of the cost to update.
  • It is not working in Firefox version 52 and apparently neither the developer nor Mozilla will fix the problem. So sad. Nor have I been able to get the other text highlighter add-ons to work with Firefox 52, at least those with available keyboard commands and are persistently saved and do not require you to submit your highlighting data to some online database and thus sacrificing your privacy.
  • It is so Disappointing that it is not going to be updated for FF 52.

    Something as useful as this should be builtin FF feature instead of an add-on.

    I don't understand why I can't have this feature as part of the Bookmarks tab by default.
  • I let Mozilla know that Wired Marker was more important to me than FF52. Used System Restore to roll back FF and blocked the updates. It was horrible to start up FF52 and see years worth of markers disappeared
  • Please make this to work with FF 52. I use this a lot. Really useful addon