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  • Please allow me to use on add-ons menu! :)
  • Works perfectly and exactly what I was looking for!

    Thank you for a great ADD-ON.
  • I just downloaded this. I try to generate a note and it shows up in the sticky list, but the note doesn't show up on the page to write anything. On occasion, if I go to a different page, then choose to jump to a specific note, the blank note will be there. Regardless, not worth using in the current state. Time to try a different one.
  • Thanks so much for the prompt fix Hiroki. It's simply glorious...now I can work in multisession...you can't imagine the huge impact this add-on has had on my working methods... In name of all phd candidates of humanity I thank you...this add-on has saved me tons of paper and ink...literally... tons. So thank you for making this genious add available to everyone. Best of luck...and please keep'em comming!
  • Current version appeared to work fine except newly generated sticky notes are infinitesimally small & unlocatable making them impossible to use.
    Thank you for your interest.
    I'm sorry for your inconvenience.
    If you would report the detail of the problem to https://github.com/kumabook/stickynotes/issues or kumabook@live.jp

    I try to fix it.

    Thank you.
  • URLごとのメモが取りたかったので重宝しそうです。

    5/31 v0.6.0でショートカットキーのカスタマイズ機能いれました!
    ナビゲーションバーのアイコンメニュー→設定→Shortcuts から
  • Edit 4/21/2014: Awesome dev! Button now moveable, changed to 5 stars! Now, one fantasy request only if you feel like doing it. Could you make this compatible with all in one sidebar (addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/all-in-one-sidebar)? By that I mean, make clicking the button open the stickynotes sidebar? Thanks!

    Original review: This is exactly what I have always needed but never knew. So that part is awesome. It works pretty well, with a few minor things. The biggest of which has already been noted by another reviewer, the icon is unmovable.

    Please, please make the icon movable?


    Overall though, thanks!
    Thanks for reviewing and using the addon!
    I supported New Add-on SDK Australis UI features in Firefox 29 at version 0.5.*.
    I think you can customize the icon position.
    Thank you.
  • Works effortlessly .. cheers
  • It was a great add-on until it wiped out some of my notes. I don't know how to get them back or even if that's possible. Not good. Can not rely on it.
  • 「Webページに付箋を貼る」という発想は素晴らしいと思います









  • This work is honorable. after reading Hiroki's review I decided to give it a shot. This is exactly what I needed to attach a note to a specific webpage so I can recall repetitive data for web forms. Although I only speak and read english I could easily understand how to use the add-on and it works exactly the way I hoped it would. No ads, very professional. good work - thank you.
  • I was in the market for a new note system but unfortunately the icon lodges itself in the right of the address bar and absolutely refuses to allow itself to be moved.

    That is a fatal flaw and an instant uninstall. Perhaps if the developer could fix that and upload a translation into the description this one could be a winner. I would gladly come back and add some stars if the developer steps it up.
  • Comment by Jesst on October 13, 2012, translation:

    >> Handy thing! A little short though, would translate into English, but intuitively clear here: <<
    >> in the menu at the top or in the context menu of the page, select "Generate note" - and on the <<
    >> page (in some random place - then up, then down, then looking out of the corner from some menus) <<
    >> there bright yellow "leaf", which You can write your note. <<
    >> Notes attached to the page address. Even on one site you can create notes on different pages. <<
    >> It would be nice to add a single note in the option - for all pages, or it for one. <<
    >> It is possible for a page to add a few notes and hang them in different places. <<
    >> Notes scroll with the page - too bad to do it the option for each note - to pin (make pinned) or <<
    >> make a "floating" (make float). Now all the "pinned" (pinned). <<
    >> The white box in the page header - for tags. On them then you can search for notes in the sidebar. <<
    >> Conveniently, you can double-click (in the sidebar) to go to a page with a certain note. <<
    >> Expansion needs some work, but enjoy possible. <<
    >> Many thanks to the author, and success in the development of programs! ;-) <<

    I translated this because I was curious as to what this Jesst said, and then as I agreed on the comment
    I thought I would post it in English because there are some good ideas as to improvements on this add-on!
  • Worked great. Exactly what I was
    looking for. Would be nice if the
    description was also in english so more people would know about it.
  • Удобная штука! Немного не хватает перевода хотя-бы на английский язык, но интуитивно всё понятно:
    в меню наверху или в контекстном меню страницы выбираем "Generate note" - и на странице (в некоем случайном месте - то вверху, то внизу, то краешком выглядывая из-под какого-нибудь меню) возникнет ярко-жёлтый "листик", на котором можно написать свою заметку.
    Заметки привязываются к адресу страницы. Даже на одном сайте можно создавать заметки на разных страницах.
    Было бы неплохо добавить в опции отдельной заметки - для всех страниц сайта она или для одной.
    Можно для одной страницы добавить несколько заметок и развесить их в разных местах.
    Заметки прокручиваются вместе со страницей - тоже неплохо бы это сделать опцией для каждой заметки - пришпилить (make pinned) или сделать "плавающей" (make float). Сейчас все "пришпиленые" (pinned).
    Белое поле в заголовке страницы - для тегов. По ним потом можно искать заметки в боковом меню.
    Удобно, что можно двойным щелчком (в боковом меню) перейти на страницу с определённой заметкой.
    Расширение требует доработки, но пользоваться возможно.
    Автору большое спасибо и успехов в разработке программ! ;-)
  • Works fine.
    The white square is for tagging purpose ;
    The tool-bar button's drop-down menu states "toggle sticky sidebar" when in fact this command toggles the note, when applicable ;
    The tool-bar button's drop-down menu offers a "display Sticky list" which opens in the sidebar what is in fact the Sticky Notes' Manager ;
    The Sticky Notes Manger is worth being used, allowing notes listed by site, tag, or site and tag ;
    The tool-bar button is NOT movable
    4 stars because English does lack and the tool-bar button not being movable, BUT :
    This is otherwise what I was searching for so, please, improve slightly this nice little add-on : thanks :)
  • English and instructions would be helpful, but this add-on does exactly what I need it to :) I'd also love to see a toolbar button instead of just a right-click menu. Other options like note color/size, font/color/size would be really nice. *Thank you*!
  • I'm pretty happy so far with it except for the fact that when we generate the sticky note, it appears at the top left-hand side of the page we're viewing - If it's a huge page, it takes way too much time to go get the sticky and drag it down to where we want it - And if you're on a google search, the sticky appears UNDER the google search menu bar (where you can see "search, map, etc). So it would be great if the sticky note appeared exactly where on the page we're clicking.

    Another thing, your instructions are not in English and I'm not the only person who's unable to read them - And that includes whatever you wrote on the sticky notes when it's generated - Please write in English (or at least have the English option available).

    Last thing so far, I'm wondering what the white box, in the sticky note, is for???

    Besides that, I'm happy so far... Then again, I just downloaded it and haven't totally test drive it... ;)
  • It's sample and useful.Hope the next version can add a icon on the status bar.
  • It's sample and useful.Hope the next version can add a icon on the status bar.
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