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  • Very useful but unfortunately doesn't work anymore since version 1 on Firefox 56
    Thank you for reporting and Sorry for inconvenience.
    I think version 1>= can work on Firefox 56.
    If it doen't work, it seems to be a bug.
    So, please report the detail to stickynotes@outlook.jp or https://twitter.com/stickynotesjp
  • Issues with resizing and writing are ok now but I can't log in neither does the password resetting function work.
    Sorry, I can't reproduce the new one.
    Please inform me of the detail by email.
  • UI issues - hard to adjust height width & place the sticky, received error while registering, poor colors for sticky, unable to change transparency of the background.. So only one star from me. Sorry folks..
    Thank you for your feedback.
    I will use that as reference from now on.
    After that, please you it If you like
  • Hey Hiroki, is there somthing yoy can do to fix the last update. mozilla just updated and all my stickies dissapear. unfortunetely its criical that at least i can put them in another format.

    thanks for everything!
    Hi, I have created the migration version.
    But It isn't accpected by AMO and it only works on <= 56.0
    Please refer: https://github.com/kumabook/stickynotes/wiki/Migrate-from-legacy-extension-to-latest-webextension
  • Thank you so much for this notes add-on. I first had the problem stated in other comments (notes on the bottom of the page, can't move them). But after a restart of firefox, sticky notes works perfectly!! :) Thank you!
  • Microsoft Edgeにページにそのまま書き込むという機能が搭乗しましたが、それに変わる機能をFirefoxで探していたところこのアドオンを見つけました。非常に便利でありがたいです。
  • 2017.05 I still have to use other addons that work better with my Firefox: FloatNotes and DiiGo. They are good but don't work correctly with Frames.

    FloatNotes is an abandonded project so I wish someone would update it! Source Code: https://github.com/fkling/floatnotes You can contact the developer (Felix Kling) via email: support [at] floatnotes [dot] org

    I use latest version of 32-bit Firefox ESR on Windows 7 32-bit, version 45.9.0. I have 32-bit Windows 7 so I have to use 32-bit Firefox of course. I will switch to 64-bit Firefox when I buy a new computer.

    I have exactly the same problem with Sticky-Notes as one other reviewer, so I just copy paste his/her review here:
    "Sticky notes added to the end of the page, hard to note (sorry). No close button, cannot move... Must be some kind of bug or compatibility problem, because it's impossible it was released so bad".
  • 日本人の方が作っていたことを知り嬉しくなりました!





  • UPDATE: Stickynotes generally works in Linux/X11/firefox-51.0.1., but I have one browser profile where it is acting up. Under investigation, see below for details. I'm changing the review to 5 stars. I'm especially happy that SN has a search function, and the tags function looks intriguing.

    I'm trying to understand the finer points of what makes a page unique WRT. stickynotes, for example the following two pages would have different sticky notes assigned to them. although they may have the same content otherwise.




    The following functionality did not work at all in one linux/X11 browser profile, or did not work properly, although on Windows10 and, even in another linux/X11 FF profile, they all work perfectly.

    1. generate sticky will place the sticky in lower left corner of the webpage, therefore often out of sight, rather than under cursor.

    2. the appearance of the sticky note is wrong, the buttons are not visible, etc,

    3. move sticky with mouse1 does not work at all.

    4. resize sticky with mouse1 shows signs of working but the dragged out shape does not last.

    These problems may be the reason why some users have reported in their review that the stickynotes "does not work at all". It would be nice to determine what might be the underlying cause, such as (pure speculation) a conflict with some other extension.
  • Sticky notes added to the end of the page, hard to note (sorry). No close button, cannot move... Must be some kind of bug or compatibility problem, because it's impossible it was released so bad.
  • User defined default sticky notes size, sticky color, font color, font type would be really helpful. Current size is too small on my monitor resolution. Thank you very much for this life saver addon.
    I created an issue on github
    After implementation, I inform you.
  • Удалять можно только по одной заметке. Нельзя удалить сразу все заметки на странице.
    Removing all stickies of the page seems to be useful!
    I'm try to implement the feature as soon as possible.



    Removing all stickies of the page are released at version 0.10.21!
    Please check it out
  • It seems like there are a lot of features, but there are some big shortcomings that got in the way too often, and the UI is pretty old. First, it doesn't recognize frames so in many CMS systems or Dashboards, when you write a note on any sub page, they constantly show up for the entire site, very annoying. It also takes over the CTRL + SHIFT + C shortcut for creating new notes, which is the shortcut for opting the dev tools and DOM selector tool in FF, which I use constantly, and there don't seem to be any config options for changing it. Had to uninstall, needs a lot of work.
    Thanks for reviewing.

    there is shortcut options in preference on tool bar menu.
    However, I try to work for supporting iframe support.

  • Има някакъв лек проблем след инсталацията ама после се оправя. Идеята за такова приложение е много добра. Всеки ден ми влиза в употреба и е от страшно голяма полза.
  • I thought I would like it but I can't use it normally. In two of three cases the notes I'd already written aren't shown. They are not deleted but stay hidden and at some moment of time they becomes visible on the correct page. It's annoying and I can't rely on this addon. I like it when it works that is why I'll be waiting till this problem is fixed.
  • I've been using different kind of notes - desktop gadgets and browsers' extensions. This one looks very good and useful but need improvement. So far I'm glad I installed it.
  • I had a little problem after the installation that is why I give 4 out of 5 stars. Now it is ok and works fine. It's very convenient and easy to use. If you were from those kind of people who forget some things all the time (like me) it would be a great help for you.
  • I've been using another extension for that purpose but now I prefer this one. You can attach notes to specific page and not just stay active all the time. Also there is an option when you double click on a note the browser opens the desired page.
  • After installation I tried to generate a note and in the list it was shown as created. However I restarted my browser and then those sticky notes became visible. I've been using it for a while and it works fine. It's great help to have something to remind you specific things that you may forget.
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Sorry, there are some problems right after installation.
    Now, new version (0.7.5). I almost fixed the problem.
  • Ok it works as expected ,

    BUT you guys need to enable cairo


    if its set to only direct2d it won´t show up, thats why i give it only 3 stars. but if you haven´t messed with your firefox its a very good addon!

    edit: ok after some searching this is probably the only good stickynote addon. so i revise to 4 stars but still unsure because firefox is much more fluid without cairo.
    i´ve found a bug though:
    empty stickynotes get saved to the list but won´t load up after restarting firefox. stuckys with text work without problem though!

    i´ve really like to ask you to make this direct2d compatible!!! then i´ll recommend and use this addon forever.
    Thanks for your interest and feedback!
    I try to disable cairo to set `gfx.content.azure.backends=direct2d` at about:config in mac. However, It is'nt disabled.
    if possible, please tell me more detail (like os, or the way to disable cairo) with email or https://github.com/kumabook/stickynotes/issues.
  • Doesn't work. Note is not showing up but sticky list is.
  • Please allow me to use on add-ons menu! :)
  • Works perfectly and exactly what I was looking for!

    Thank you for a great ADD-ON.
  • I just downloaded this. I try to generate a note and it shows up in the sticky list, but the note doesn't show up on the page to write anything. On occasion, if I go to a different page, then choose to jump to a specific note, the blank note will be there. Regardless, not worth using in the current state. Time to try a different one.