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  • firefox quantum 66: doesn't work.
  • this add-on stopped working with FFv61. developer seems to no longer be updating it, so time to dump it and find something else.
  • Doesn't work well for me. For instance, I go on a page, add a sticky note, if I close the page and reopen it, the sticky note is there, but its content has not been saved. (and I'm logged in)
    In the sidebar, if I click on a sticky note title, it doesn't show its content. Its shows weird numbers (for instance 416 374) instead. And I the note title is always automatically the page title, and is not customizable, and the addon is not optimized visually (poor icon in the addon bar (not easy to see), poor visual of the menus items, the note color customization menu is hard to find on the note, and allow only note by note color customization, and no other options) The sticky note list in the addon icon menu, shows nothing but a blank popup window.

    Some other addons do the job better.
  • It´s simple, stable and does what it promises!
  • It doesn't seem to work in Firefox 61. The menu appears but nothing happens when attempting to create a new sticky.
  • works but in able for it to save a notes info i have to click the sticky menu then close it for it to actually save the contents of the note....
  • Works on 1 Mac but not on another. The Sidebar is empty. (Reinstall doesn´t ake any difference)

    AddOn not reliable
  • - Only "option" is ability to change color of each note individually. Can't adjust globally/default, can't adjust font size, make toolbar icon create new note when clicked instead of opening menu (menu could be accessed via right-click), etc.
    - Every time a new note is added, it's added slightly below and to the right of the last note, so you can't even set a position and have that be a default.
    - Clicking off a menu should close it instead of requiring clicking the x button.
    - List stickies doesn't work.
    - There should be a notification when a sticky is off-screen (when you have to scroll to see it), as with Internotes.
    - While sync is a nice feature, I prefer to be able to store the notes locally, in a custom directory, and they should be human-readable so I can always access my notes even if the add-on is no longer available at some point.
    - The ability to import Internotes data would be very handy.

    There's probably more things that could be improved, but it's clear this add-on won't suit my needs, so I didn't spend too much time with it. It has the potential to be made into a good and useful extension, but currently it is not, at least for me.
  • It sometimes loses what I've just typed. I use it mostly for the specific task of annotating comments on a board post, so refreshing the page often is necessary. At the moment, if I type a sentence or two and refresh the page, it's a bit of a crap-shoot as to whether it will be saved or not.

    It would also be nice if it had some basic formatting functionality. Perhaps markdown would be an option? I'd certainly add another star if it got that.
  • Ctrl + Shift + C is shortcut for Inspect Element, please give us a way to change shortcut for generate sticky
  • firefox57以降でこれまで使用していた付箋アドオンが使用できなくなったので、こちらに切り替えました。

  • How is one to use this with android without a mouse?
    I have tried many note add-ons and this is the only one that installs on android firefox, BUT I can't get the damn notes to show up on a page?
    I dont see any "sidebar" like you mentioned.
    Please inform me how to use this. Do I need to create custom gestures or something?
  • Very useful but unfortunately doesn't work anymore since version 1 on Firefox 56
    Thank you for reporting and Sorry for inconvenience.
    I think version 1>= can work on Firefox 56.
    If it doen't work, it seems to be a bug.
    So, please report the detail to stickynotes@outlook.jp or https://twitter.com/stickynotesjp
  • Issues with resizing and writing are ok now but I can't log in neither does the password resetting function work.
    Sorry, I can't reproduce the new one.
    Please inform me of the detail by email.
  • UI issues - hard to adjust height width & place the sticky, received error while registering, poor colors for sticky, unable to change transparency of the background.. So only one star from me. Sorry folks..
    Thank you for your feedback.
    I will use that as reference from now on.
    After that, please you it If you like
  • Hey Hiroki, is there somthing yoy can do to fix the last update. mozilla just updated and all my stickies dissapear. unfortunetely its criical that at least i can put them in another format.

    thanks for everything!
    Hi, I have created the migration version.
    But It isn't accpected by AMO and it only works on <= 56.0
    Please refer: https://github.com/kumabook/stickynotes/wiki/Migrate-from-legacy-extension-to-latest-webextension
  • Thank you so much for this notes add-on. I first had the problem stated in other comments (notes on the bottom of the page, can't move them). But after a restart of firefox, sticky notes works perfectly!! :) Thank you!
  • Microsoft Edgeにページにそのまま書き込むという機能が搭乗しましたが、それに変わる機能をFirefoxで探していたところこのアドオンを見つけました。非常に便利でありがたいです。
  • 2017.05 I still have to use other addons that work better with my Firefox: FloatNotes and DiiGo. They are good but don't work correctly with Frames.

    FloatNotes is an abandonded project so I wish someone would update it! Source Code: https://github.com/fkling/floatnotes You can contact the developer (Felix Kling) via email: support [at] floatnotes [dot] org

    I use latest version of 32-bit Firefox ESR on Windows 7 32-bit, version 45.9.0. I have 32-bit Windows 7 so I have to use 32-bit Firefox of course. I will switch to 64-bit Firefox when I buy a new computer.

    I have exactly the same problem with Sticky-Notes as one other reviewer, so I just copy paste his/her review here:
    "Sticky notes added to the end of the page, hard to note (sorry). No close button, cannot move... Must be some kind of bug or compatibility problem, because it's impossible it was released so bad".
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