324 reviews
  • I like this addon. Simple, works well.
  • Only thing missing is pronunciacion (to listen) button
  • One of the best, translate addon from addons store. Translate selected text in really simple popup window! If u click the icon, translate whole page. It's hard to find addons which translate in that elegant popup window. Clear and in point "About this extension" text.
  • エラー: サービスの利用制限に達しました。しばらく待ってからもう一度お試しください。
  • Suggestion: Developer, can you add font-color as well or alternatively make the font-color automatically visible when you choose black/dark background (panel) color.

    Great add-on, works perfectly, thanks for sharing!
  • Amazing, thank you @sienori
  • Automatic detection of an additional translation language does not work. I hope this will be fixed soon.
  • Great and fast function