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  • It looks perfect, I'm impressed.
  • Excellent! I once used QuickNote for simple notes, but it became legacy after new FF. OurStickys is good enough for me. The notes are movable and are showed on each page.
  • I have used this Add-on for organizing and filtering literature in several tabs while writing a thesis.
    It was a great help and worked exactly the way I wished such an Add-on would do :).
    I didn't use or require the sync future so I can't tell anything about that specific functionality.
  • Sync is fake
  • 5 stars for the idea, one star for the execution - mostly the issues with signing in to sync, and the apparently non-functional import/export function in Firefox. Just move to a new laptop and lost 60+ stickies - the program exports to a file, but when I import the same file on another computer nothing happens. For this reason you cannot rely on this extension for anything that you care about keeping.
  • Great extension, seems to do all it says it will... just one shortcoming that's a deal-breaker for me. :-( It can't seem to determine between sub-pages (frames?) on a secure site. For example, I do IT, and the system that we use gives a list of our client's computers down the left side of the screen and the details for whatever computer you've selected, on the right. Putting a sticky on the right side and then selecting another computer from the list on the left doesn't change the sticky, even though the page URL in the address bar changes. I'd like to be able to make notes on individual sub-pages. Great work, though!
  • I really like this extension. I order things for multiple people and I find it especially useful on package delivery tracking sites to add a note about who I should ultimately give the package to after I receive it.

    The big downside (at least for me) is that it seems to cause problems on the Wells Fargo "Bill Pay" site. When I try to access it, I get a very unhelpful message "No internet connection". I don't know if this message is being displayed by WF or this extension. Everything on the WF Bill Pay site works perfectly fine as soon as I disable this extension. :-(
  • Excellent work but fb/google login doesn't work :( 5 stars when fixed
  • good, fix google and fb login. add feature hide each stickys(not all)/make transparent when no focus
  • Great extension , like the dying "FloatNotes" , but this is not possible to sync notes because the login to Google or Facebook doesn't work
  • Login for Sync does not work. Neither on Mac OS X FF, nor on Android FF
  • It doesn't 'sign in with' (not on FF 59 Nightly, not on Vivaldi...)
  • Good. I tested all of stickies which works with 57+ and this one looks most advanced and stable so far.
  • Pretty good, but it would be better if it allowed a bit of formatting. The now defunct FloatNotes, which worked in a similar way, used Markdown – same as reddit, stack-exchange, gitbub, etc. – so it wasn't exactly sophisticated but good enough for creating headers, bold, italic, strikethrough, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Log in does not work properly so I can't sync across my devices. Neither do I feel comfortable signing in with my google or FB accounts, no other options available.
  • Расширение позволяет оставлять заметки в разных местах (только на странице, на домене, во всех вкладках), но не хватает некоторых настроек, например нет определения уровней доменов, так например оставив заметку на домене "example.com" она отобразиться на "example.com/ru-ru/news", но не отобразиться на "lk.exmple.com". Можно свернуть заметку в меленький значок, но нельзя скрыть все заметки на всех сайтах (только временно и на одном).
  • I've been using this same plugin on chrome for months now. When mozilla released the quantum firefox, i decided to change to firefox and installed this same plugin on firefox. But the firefox version is worst compared to its chrome counterpart. Everytime i resize the sticky notes, it will automatically paste whatever i have on my clipboard to the notes. when i set the note to stick to the path, it always disappear when i hit refresh. the path doesn't change, but the sticky will disappear
  • I am a light user and found this add-on easy to understand and install. A great help in researching home projects. I particularly like the ability to attach a note to a domain, not just an URL. Clearly, a lot of though has been put into this add-on which I simply cannot fault. It is going to make every day of my computer life a bit easier and more efficient. Many thanks to the Developer
  • That's the FF57-compliant replacement of the old but powerful Internotes addon I was lookting for.
    Not tested thoroughly, but seems quite promising.
    3 things though:
    - Is there any data sent to the cloud when not logged in?
    - Have you considered moving your code to GitHub to easy maintenance and support?
    - Would it be possible to leverage "Mozilla sync" instead of proprietary cloud?

    Hello, when the user is not logged in only the extension "installed" and "upgraded" ping is sent to the server without any personal information, nothing else. The code is currently hosted privately on bitbucket
  • I have exported stickies and tried to import them on an other profile and it does not work.

    Also the extension deletes all previous stickies if you sync your account which shouldn't happen or if it's wanted behavior it should warn the user.

    BTW please create a github or some site to leave feedback more properly than this.
  • Would love to try your interesting application, however I don't believe you need more than access to URL. Would you be able to let us know why my password/login data is required? Thanks very much for your time
    Hello, your username and password it is only required if you try to sync the notes between multiple computers/OS/browsers. For example you can create a sticky on firefox at home, then go to work and find the same sticky on your chrome browser on a mac. If you do not register it won't be possible to sync the two computers.
    If you do not need the sync simply disregard the note and you will be able to use OurStickys without any problems.

    The login is also necessary if you have a software that might clear your cache and background activity once in awhile. Being logged in will re-download the stickys that you have saved (backed-up) and restore them at the first login or page load.

    Please be aware that OurStickys does NOT store any of the personal information, the login it is only used to gather your email address and associated it to your account, everything else that might be sent from the 3rd parties is disregarded.
  • this is awesome - i need to jump between computers frequently this is just what i need.
  • This is the best "Sticky Notes" I have ever seen. Suggestion: Allow to CLOSE the Sticky Note. If i have a note I created for a site, it my only be a reminder. After reading it, I would like to close it. If i want to see it again, I would open it again. This suggestion is very minor. No matter what, I will keep using it. You got 55555 stars! Tks.
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