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Is it going to be upgraded so it works with FF52 and higher?

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very useful for going back and forward in long web pages. Only one catch ... 5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

After copy this location to clipboard with shift+C I wished I could recall it with shirt+R, not have to paste in address bar and hit enter. That way it would be much more convenient.
Thank you

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This program works very well. Create to Bookmarks Manager or the clip board. Great. There is one problem. Created bookmarks REQUIRE Hyper-Anchor installed to work.

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Cool! I love it! Thanks.

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Needs less Hyper Anchors 5 つ星中 3 つの評価を受けています

Great idea, but rather unusable with today's dynamic contents. Ideally it could anchor itself to custom values, such as ID, title or text snippet to prevent missing anchors when the content moves.

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Alternative 5 つ星中 4 つの評価を受けています

My rating here is meaningless, I haven't tested it, I only rated with the current average value not to create rating distortion.

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It could be great, but... 5 つ星中 3 つの評価を受けています

This could be an awesome addon, but, actually isn't working correctly. The anchors don't erase; well they erase, but reappear on page refresh. If you delete the bookmark the anchor persists. Why doesn't exists a menu item for delete selected anchor, bookmark, or both? An option for manage all anchors is needed too. The toolbar is annoying, and completely unnecessary in my opinion, wasting a precious screen space; please remove it and shift all the options for the right click menu. As I said, this could be an indispensable addon, but it needs design and usability improvements. Regards.

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The reply to your comment

Thank you for using HYPER-ANCHOR.

>The anchors don't erase
The ‘erase’ button means to hide a highlight on a page.
It is does not mean to restore hyperanchor format URL to normal URL.
However, your indication is right and we also think to add a function to restore.

>The toolbar is annoying
You can customize the location of toolbar.
Please right-click on the Firefox toolbar and select ‘customize’, and you can move the HYPER-ANCHOR toolbar.

>this could be an indispensable addon, but it needs improvement.
I quite agree. Thank you for your opinion.

handy addon 5 つ星中 4 つの評価を受けています

nice to be able to jump to a part of the page you want. i second the request for a subdirectory of the menu items. please also update for firefox 9

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5 つ星中 2 つの評価を受けています

Never mind! I don't care if this add-on ever gets updated. I found a "Show Anchors" bookmarklet that does the job perfectly without all the added bulk of an add-on ;)

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HYPER-ANCHOR will be updated

HYPER-ANCHOR will be updated to compatible to Firefox4.0 soon.
Thank you,

Bookmark can not be removed 5 つ星中 1 つの評価を受けています

A page once bookmarked with Hyper-Anchor will always open at the selected place. The bookmark can not be removed. The eraser tool provided in the statusbar button doesn't work. Right-clicking in the page restores the bookmark.

これは以前のバージョン (1.0.10051000) についてのレビューです。 

I understand your inconvenience.

The eraser button is to erase highlighted color on the page.
To remove a bookmark, please right click and select delete on the bookmark on the sidebar.
I understand your inconvenience. We will consider your advice.

Would like it 5 つ星中 3 つの評価を受けています

I like the idea but I have not figured how to make it work with NoScript add-on. NoScript keeps blocking because of "possible cross-site threat".

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HYPER-ANCHOR works correctly together with NoScript

HYPER-ANCHOR works correctly together with NoScript if you set NoScript by preventing to check XSS when URL contains the character "#hyperanchor".

Please input "#hyperanchor" at the "Anti-XSS Protection Exceptions" area on the "XSS" tab of the NoScript Options Screen.

Thank you,

Excellent 5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

But not work with ShiftSpace (GreaseMonkey) -->

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I could not get it to work in Firefox 3.0.10.

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Works perfect. I have a suggestion. 5 つ星中 5 つの評価を受けています

I'll give it 5 stars because it works perfect and I have no troubles at all.

But I also have a suggestion that I hope the developer will consider. I was hoping that maybe we could be able to add anchor links to ordinary webpages, so we don't have to go into our bookmarks to get to a page we want, we can just set an anchor in a specific page and whenever we justy happen to stumble onto that page through surfing (as opposed to going to that page via our bookmarks) we will be directing to the anchor right away.

Not sure if this is even possible with the current script, but hopefully it can be implemented. As I would like to add multiple anchors to one domain, and then just cruise through that domain, going to all the pages with my anchors, without having to go to my bookmarks for 3, 4 or more pages in that domain which I have added anchors to.

Anyway, great work with this handy addon.

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Bug? 5 つ星中 3 つの評価を受けています

Was working fine, but has suddenly started throwing up "catch : InternalError: too much recursion" and "TypeError: node is undefined" errors and not jumping to the saved page position. Would love to keep using it but it doesn't work any more.

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5 つ星中 4 つの評価を受けています

help, pls store all context options into a submenu context options to save precious context option spaces, thx

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Like It, But... 5 つ星中 4 つの評価を受けています

This is really good add-on and I would love to give 5 stars for it but the text labels for each button on the toolbar are not available when selecting Icons and Text in the Customize Toolbar window.

The tooltips are there, but not the button labels which slows things down a lot when you are first learning what each button function is. I have to hover over each button and wait for the tooltip to show up just to view its function.
I still recommend it though.

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5 つ星中 4 つの評価を受けています

Happy to see it on Firefox add-ons page. Very useful add-on, particularly when used together with Wired-Marker, and I believe it will get better and better. Thanks for this nice little anchor:)

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Does its job well 5 つ星中 4 つの評価を受けています

Does its job well. Thanks to the developers for implementing such important extension for Firefox bookmarks.

I'd suggest adding possibility to remove highlight after it's been seen by user (when it's unnecessary). For this purpose text might be highlighted by regural text selection (like that created by dragging mouse over text) instead of the custom yellow background.

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