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  • The extension does not work while I am in Private Browsing mode. Is this extension designed to not work while in Private Browsing mode?

    EDIT to reply to developer:
    Ok, Thank you for your reply.
    Не работает. Из-за https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1329304 и https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1380809.
    Переделать по-другому, наверное, можно, но сейчас нет времени на это, да и желания тоже.
  • Passed more than half of the month while I'm using this extension and this is really great work!
    Two questions for the author:
    - Is it possible to add feature/option to make state of the bookmark tree permanent (in a way to keep tree as I leave it, with some opened bookmark items, i.e leafs)? This is very useful for people that have many bookmarks.
    - Can you please provide some donation link, just to say thanks you and support development of this very useful peace of software?

    Appreciate your work, keep on.
    >> Is it possible to add feature/option to make state of the bookmark tree permanent (in a way to keep tree as I leave it, with some opened bookmark items, i.e leafs)?

    >> Can you please provide some donation link, just to say thanks you and support development of this very useful peace of software?
    Unfortunately, Paypal does not allow receiving payments in my country.
    And I'm not sure WebMoney (https://www.wmtransfer.com) available/convenient for you. But, just in case, Z421143298220 or E205471789467
  • >>> Какие при этом сообщения в консоли выводятся (Ctrl+Shift+J)?

    я вчера психанул, удалил файрфокс, вычистил после него весь мусор, затем поставил заново и установил твой аддон, только после этого авторизация заработала.
    думаю, что файрфокс криво обновился с 55 до 56, когда и возникла проблема.
  • Before, you could sort the bookmarks so they'd be listed alphabetically. Now, I can't for the life of me figure out how to do so. Sad they tweaked things, though that might be necessary due to changes to Firefox.
  • Many Thanks! The add-on works again in the new version 1.0.1 and the drop-down menu finally works again as usual.
    Also the new "read later" is a great addition.
    For me, "Fess" is the best add-on to organize Google bookmarks.
    Live long and prosper.
  • Feature Request:
    All the bookmarks should get auto backed up in google drive on monthly/weekly basis.

    New version look awesome. Below search criteria
    Keyword2 Label:keyword1 or
    not working for version 1.0.0b, which was working in earlier version.
  • The only working Google Bookmarks extension for Firefox. Please, keep it up.
  • The purpose suggestion label doesn't work and only show empty item
  • Doesn't work on 53.0.3 (32-bit). Bookmarks created with it don't show on Google Bookmark page.
  • After the FF 53.03 upgrade, you need to delete Google Bookmarks in your Firefox history (see https://support.mozilla.org/nl/questions/1161866).
    You may have to repeat this some time later if the drop-down list of bookmarks disappears again.
  • Very good. Works flawlessly
  • Needs to be updated. The drop-down menu does not work. Until that glitch occurred, it was the best Google bookmark app ever for Firefox.
  • Works flawlessly. It's everything I ever wanted in a Google Bookmarks add-on and then some. Please don't ever abandon this add-on, I need it in my life.
  • 階層表示させることが出来るので、とても使いやすい。
  • Cannot do without it anymore. Fess is always very quick to respond to bugs and questions. Sometimes Mozilla takes a while to offer his newest version, but he gives you a download link if you ask.
  • но вот отломалась функция импорт-экспорт(
    Пишет так на попытку загрузить json (который сформировал сам FF):
    Parse bookmarks file - error!!!
  • Really happy with this addon. Los of problem with other sync tools but at the end the best solution is to put your bookmarks in the cloud and accessing them wit ha very good functionality.
  • I think this is the best addons for Google Bookmarks on firefox.

    **Right now I am having a problem, I don't know the problem is in my side or in yours, but when I type tag while adding new bookmark it does not suggest the previously added tags**
  • Большое спасибо за это дополнение,
    выполняет свои функции отлично.
    Очень удобна функция добавления страницы в подуровни тэгов, за это двойное спасибо!

    Есть небольшие замечания по отрисовке - когда из меню папок закладок (многоуровневые тэги), правой клавишей добавляешь страницу в тэг, отрисовка подсвечиваемого пункта немного хромает.

    Не хватает опциональной (именно опциональной) возможности работать с закладками, не авторизировавшись в браузере, или сохранять закладки в свой аккаунт находясь браузером в другом аккаунте , т.е. работы по токену, или чтобы дополнение имело персональную авторизацию.

    Ещё было бы удобно отдельными опциями настраивать пункты контектстного меню от дополнения, появляющихся на странице/вкладке, т.е. чтобы можно было чекбоксами в опциях Добавить/Убрать Add link to Bookmark, AddPage to bookamark, Add tab to bookmark...

    Не хватает пунктов добавления в Google Bookmarks из обычного менеджера закладок (чтобы на элементе закладок в контекстном меню был пункт добавления закладки с заполнеными полями Тэгов и Заметки).

    Но всё равно, твёрдая пятёрка.
  • Very good plug in, the best. The import/export option is great. No android version means that i cant abandon chrome. Please consider port to android.
  • This is not only the best Google Bookmarks add-on for Firefox, it's the best Google Bookmarks add-on for any browser. I switched from Chrome to Firefox because there's nothing available for Chrome that comes anywhere close to this for ease of use, appearance and functionality.
  • Works very well. Has nice options. Waiting for developer to update for Firefox 46.0 to make it work again.
  • Until, the developers get round to signing the add-on package, you can still get round FF's forced disabling of unsigned add-ons (at your own risk).