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  • awesome addons. But is it possible to allow cookies to work across containers??
  • Terrific extension and exactly what I was looking for! I was previously working with tab groups, but now much more like the containerized approach of Conex!
  • Should be default in every Firefox installation. It's the end of tab-wars. Awesome!
  • Thanks so much for this pioneering add-on, and for the huge amount of work you must have put into it! I finally found time to try it out, and - it's taking some getting used to, but it's mostly making me very happy. I won't say how many tabs I had in my back-up file ;) but it brought them all back.

    My only major problem is not being able to figure out how to change the order of my containers, as they appear in the Conex popup - am I missing something? I tried editing the containers.json file in my profile folder by hand, but it didn't work.

    Also - are you - the developer - allowed to change the name of the Conex xpi file in the containers folder to something more easily identifiable? It's a pain searching through the randomly-named list of files to find yours.
  • As a web developer, this is the most important add-on for Firefox. If I was forced to remove all but a single add-on, this is the one I would keep.

    I need a lot of tabs open at once for many different projects, and I got used to the old TabGroups feature before it was removed. Conex saved me from Tab Hell.

    Honestly, Conex is even better than what TabGroups used to be. It was a niche and mostly forgotten feature, and so never received many updates or bugfixes. My favorite feature of Conex is that it utilizes Containers, so my different project tab groups can have different persistent logins for sites like GitHub or Google.

    I hope that I have an opportunity to give back to this amazing, open-source add-on.
    wow, that's quite a compliment -- thanks for the nice words
  • Great addon, it uses the new Container additions of Firefox instead the old Panorama View. Excellent!

    But please improve following:

    1. When "only show tabs from current container" is enabled and a new tab is opened inside a container group, the opened new tab jumps back to the default group. It is moved to the correct group when a website is entered. The behavior irritated me really much.

    Please let newly created tabs be opened in the current selected container group.

    2. When the addon is used and you open a new tab in which you enter a new URL / search string in the tab, the tab gets closed for a second and is reopened again. This also irritated me much, it's not the default behavior of Firefox.

    3. When I want to move a tab to a different container group, I right click the tab and use "Reopen in container". Afterwards it kicks me to the new container group. Please add "Reopen in container (Background) - This would be helpful when I want to move multiple tabs to a new group.

    Else this addon is awesome. Please fix this and you'll earn 5 stars for sure. :)
    Hey, thanks for the detailed review and the feedback.
    Just some remarks to your point:
    1.) unfortunately this is the only way to implement it -- I would love to change this behavior, but this is due to technical limitations dictated by the Firefox-API
    2.) that's weird (or I don't fully understand the problem). It would be helpful if you created an issue on http://github.com/kesselborn/conex with more detailed information so I can fix this problem
    3.) from conex version 0.8.0 onwards, the "Reopen in container" is not a conex feature but a Firefox-native feature and therefore out of my influence realm :(

    Hope this helps
  • this is handy, thanks!
  • Great Addon and perfectly done! Unlike other products Connex works very smooth at changing containers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    I hope development has not stopped!
  • This add-on is a life-saviour. So much important that should be incorporated by default in FF. The only thing I miss right now is that my list of tabs is that long I need to scroll to reach some group when I click on that colourful Conex square. Please will someone implement longer list, that can detect screen resolution and use as much space as possible?
    Hey: thanks for the review, developer here: the list can’t be made longer due to Firefox capping the max height :(
    Using the search helps field helps a lot making the list smaller though.
  • Love this extension! Instead of 8-10 windows with 8-10 tabs each, and fumbling around to figure out which one has the tab I need, I can have just ONE window with all my tabs - but only the tabs of the group I have selected shows! The search/history feature is also excellent. Keeping containers separate so I can be logged into Gmail on three different accounts at once, but none of them know about the other. Easily move a tab from one container to another. Just a huge, huge timesaver!

    One question - I'm just now using Firefox Sync on my Android device, I have containers, but when I look for the Conex extension, I can't find it?
  • I've been using Chrome, a lot. Then this extension was finally released and I could get back to using Firefox with a very good replacement for tabgroups. This extension makes it so easy to keep your browser session organised, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. Massive thank you to the developer! A couple of missing features from tabgroups, but mostly aesthetics and a couple of quirks that don't seriously impinge on the core functionality. Paired with a good session backup solution and Firefox is FINALLY back to where I love using it.
  • A great alternative of the old Tab Groups addon. However, it seems that this add-on cannot work compatibly with some tab beautifier such as Tabliss. While my default new tab is managed by Tabliss, any new tab I open will go to the `default` container instead of current container. Any suggestion?
  • Its got some bugs, but well put together, well featured, good issues site, and fills an essential gap - transferring tabs between containers. One of the BEST is the ability to search for a tab by word, in all your windows, groups, trees and containers, and jump to it. What a headache saver! :-)
  • Un outil plein de promesses, mais pas encore au point. Divers plantages et bogues, et surtout des fuites de mémoire qui ralentissent progressivement FF (et le PC) au fil du temps. Mais pour ce qui est des fonctionnalités, c'est tout à fait ce qu'il me faut (faudrait).
    Merci !! et continuez à progresser, hein !! :D
  • From a feature point of view, this is great to isolate workflow context in a single session. However it's rather greedy in memory, and session restoring incovenient as everything will be restored in a single session.
    Hey, thanks for the review. The "everything will be restored in a single session" sounds weird and is not normal. Could you be bothered to create an issue at https://github.com/kesselborn/conex/issues where we can further discuss this? This does not happen to other users and I would be interested to find the problem. Cheers
  • Nice job.
    We almost are back to TabGroup (still missing the tab panel).
    Another thing missing is the assignment of a complete domain to a container;
    The assignment seems to be done site-wise only.
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