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  • Was working until last FF 69.0 update. Now appears inoperable.
  • Excellent plugin. Only one complaint: Tell us how to use it! After installing, it took a few minutes for me to figure out how to use it. (Only shows up if you right-click directly on the tab itself)
  • Works exactly as expected.

    But here's a small suggestion: After I've selected an Auto-Reload option (e.g. "every 10 minutes"), add a checkmark (or some other indicator) next to "10 minutes".

    Right now I can't tell which option I've chosen (or if I've chosen any option at all).
  • Hi there, great work on the add-on; one of the best I've used for its functionality and ease of use! However, I came across issues when trying to use it on my Android tablet: a Samsung Tab Active LTE SM-T365 running Firefox for Android v66.0.2.

    From the triple-dot dropdown menu, when I tap on "Disable tab reload on this host, nothing happens at all.

    Any ideas why this might be occurring? Feel free to let me know if there's any more info I can provide to help troubleshoot this. Thanks for your time!
  • Awesome and amazing add-on
  • There was no problem with 65, but sometimes it doesn't hold the scroll position when reloading from 66.
  • Why not adding an option to keep the list of tabs to reload on restart ? And maybe sync between different computers ? Thank you.
  • I use this at work daily. It simply works, and makes my work less frustrating. Thank you for this easy-to-use addon.
  • works, but very barebones. there's no indication whatsoever of what reload setting a tab currently has. it would also be nice to show a countdown timer of when the next reload will be.
  • Does what it says on the tin. No intrusive permissions.
  • Did not work really! Stops always the timer complet.
  • I'd prefer to have any indication, whether it is active on a tab and if, which setting is active, i.e. which releoad frequency is effective.
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