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Lavoro Unfucking Firefox, 1 Addon at a time!
Utente da Maggio 19, 2011
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User Info Last Reviewed/Updated: Sat, Jul 14, 2012 --- 7/14/12, 7:19:19am EDT

███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███     Addon Takeovers     ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███

      ███     URGENT: Addon Authors — Plan for what will happen to your Addons when you die!     ███
                                          (or if you simply lose interest/disappear/don't respond to E-mail)

      I'm serious, if you die/disappear/whatever, AMO Admins will not allow takeovers. This is a serious problem! Several Addons I love/can't live without have authors that have stopped working on their Addons & some of them may be unresponsive to E-mail...or in the worst case, could have died (I have no way to check/confirm this).

      So, please, Addon authors, take any steps you can now, while you are alive & responsive to set up someone to take over your Addons in case ANYTHING happens to you in the future. Also voice your opinion to Mozilla on what you think they should do to handle this situation.

      Please see this forum topic for more info...
        Addon Takeover: How can I take over someone else's Addon?

    ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███     Addon Takeovers     ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███
      Best Firefox Theme EVER
        FOXSCAPE by Michael Walden — It makes Firefox look like Netscape 4
          ...& if used along with toolbarmode you can set each toolbar's icon size/mode independently of each other, for example, to make the Navigation Toolbar have Large Icons with Text & all the other toolbars to have Small Icons without Text
          ...& if used along with NoUn Buttons, you can complete your Netscape 4 on Firefox experience!

      Firefox Unfucked — My quest to fix Firefox!
        Firefox really needs to be Unfucked. They keep changing & merging & removing crap FOR NO REASON, so, I plan to release an Addon (or a series of Addons) called "Firefox Unfucked"...to undo & unmerge all the crap they keep doing to Firefox.

        But, in any case, Firefox DON'T need to keep removing crap, at least not without moving that code into an Addon, for example, the code for SEPARATE Back & Forward Buttons _& Menus_ was in Firefox & they just REMOVED it.

      Current Addons — Last Updated: Sat, Jul 14, 2012 --- 7/14/12, 7:19:19am EDT
                                   (note: see the "Add-ons I've created" list below for a live/current list)
      • NoUn-Buttons: Unmerge Back & Forward Buttons & Menus
          I have taken over NoUn Buttons, with the blessing of the previous author Gulp21. Thx Gulp21!

          I want my Back & Forward Buttons & Menus Separate!
          NoUn Buttons to the rescue!
          Unmerge the Back & Forward Buttons...& their Menus!
          Put them back the way they were: Nice, Happy & Non-Unified! :-)

      • toolbarmode — Set each toolbar's icon size/mode independently of each other
          I have taken over toolbarmode, with the blessing of the previous author Martin Rademacher. Thx Martin!

          So far, I've only uploaded his version 0.7.5 (which has always been on his site) to AMO. Version 0.7.5 is fine for my Suggested Use Case. Some of the things that need fixed, should really be fixed in Firefox itself. However, if I get motivated, I may tinker with it again. Specifically, if it ever stops working completely, I should notice (since I use it) & then I'll have to update it.
      Planned Addons — Last Updated: Sat, Jul 14, 2012 --- 7/14/12, 7:19:19am EDT
      • Firefox Unfucked: Stop Hiding the Add-on Bar/Statusbar!
          When you install/uninstall/enable/disable any Addon or Plugin, Firefox will, ever so helpfully (not!), show or *gulp* hide the "Add-on Bar", which I will still call, appropriately, the "Statusbar".
            It is highly annoying for Firefox to hide my Statusbar.
              I've temporarily fixed this problem on my Firefox by putting a "Bookmarks" item on the Statusbar. There are 2 "Bookmarks" items, one with a menu & one without. Strangely, the one with the menu disappears/doesn't work...but it does work for "holding open" the Statusbar.

              Firefox will not hide the Statusbar, if there are "any items" on it, but it doesn't count the "default items" as "important enough".

              Technically, I think this feature should be added to Status-4-Evar (if not added as an option directly in Firefox, of course). Status-4-Evar re-adds the Statusbar, but doesn't force Firefox to NOT hide it.
          • Firefox Unfucked: Unmerge Search & Location bar
              As far as I know, they haven't merged these yet (tho I fear it's coming), but once they do, I plan to make an Addon to unmerge them!
          Previously Planned Addons — Last Updated: Tue, Nov 8, 2011 --- 11/8/11, 1:19:19am EST
          • Firefox Unfucked: Re-add Statusbar — already done by Status-4-Evar
              I had planned on writing an Addon to Re-add the Statusbar, but thankfully Status-4-Evar beat me to it!

              However, if Development of Status-4-Evar ever stops, I plan to either acquire it (if the current author allows it) or just make/fork my own version.
          Random Comments — Last Updated: Sat, Jul 14, 2012 --- 7/14/12, 7:19:19am EDT
            I REALLY wish AMO didn't use numbers for users...I don't wanna be user 23123125 I wanna be ME. I had to register 500 times to get an acceptable "user number". Yes, the "user numbers" in the URLs (& elsewhere) bother me! So, do the "Addon numbers".

          JSLover — Unfucking Firefox, 1 Addon at a time!

          I componenti aggiuntivi che ho realizzato

          NoUn Buttons: Unmerge Back & Forward Buttons/Menus Riavvio richiesto

          Unmerge (Separate) the Back & Forward Buttons...& their Menus!

          Put them back the way they were: Nice, Happy & Non-Unified! :-)

          Separates the Back & Forward buttons from each other, so they can move independently & have separate histories, too!

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          toolbarmode Riavvio richiesto

          Adds a context menu item to all toolbars to individually configure the text/icon mode for each toolbar...

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          Old Compose | Restore Gmail Classic Compose Window

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               ● Restores Gmail's Old Compose Window!!! :-) 5 Stars for this part!


               ● Weird "Are you ready to restore your beautiful classic compose settings?!" when visiting Gmail for 1st time after install.
               ● If you say Yes to that, a window pops up & you are prompted again, by Google, to give the "App" (this Addon)
                  access to some of your info (Full Name/E-mail). At which point, you should say Cancel.

                                  ███ This Addon DOES NOT need that info to do what it does ███

               ● Tracking on install: bootstrap.js sends a ping to google-analytics.com/collect, to track installs.
               ● The source code is Obfuscated (or at least "minified"), hindering analysis of "WTF it's doing".
               ● The Google Chrome version has already been removed from the Chrome Web Store...wonder why?
                  (I don't use Google Chrome, but did they remove it for these same reasons?)

          Overall, the Addon is only 27KB, but I can't really find ANY REASON why it works. I mean, it DOES work, but how? 99% of the code is simply tracking/analytics code. I don't see anything that "makes it restore the old compose". It appears that when you load Gmail, it appends 2 JavaScript files to the page, one of which is the useless authorization.js, that only displays that weird question/tries to get authed into your account. The other file is https://apis.google.com/js/client.js which is direct from Google, I can't imagine Google would still be hosting a way to restore the old compose, so HOW does this Addon work in the 1st place?

          Looks like version 0.1 was the best version, without all the Tracking & Obfuscated Source (versions less than 0.5, also didn't have tracking). Also, as far as I can tell, this "works" by hijacking the User Agent sent to Gmail, which is the ONLY thing 0.1 did, before all the extra "cruft" was added.

          To Addon Dev: I'm sorry for this bad Review, I actually do like the Old Compose & this Addon does bring it back, but could you explain, why your Addon does all this tracking, without mentioning it on this AMO page?...& why do you NEED to OAuth into my Google Account? If you can explain this, I may change my review. I wanted to rate it 5 stars, before I noticed all this "extra" unnecessary stuff.

          Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (0.8.1-signed.1-signed) del componente aggiuntivo. 


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          I used Netscape 4 for a LOOONG time...until the entire internet wouldn't display correctly, cuz it was soo old.

          Then I updated to Firefox 2, but didn't have my beloved Netscape 4 "look & feel" anymore :'-(

          I struggled with Firefox 2's default theme for a while -- I even have an extracted "classic.jar" still sitting on my Desktop today (8-8-13). I extracted "classic.jar" from Netscape 4, in an attempt to write my OWN "Netscape 4 on Firefox 2" theme.

          But then, (dun dun dun), I FOUND FOXSCAPE!!!...& my problems were solved!

          Installed it & never looked back. Happy FOXSCAPE user for (probably) 7 years. I've installed it on my main computer & computers for at least 3 other people...if I install Firefox for you it's GONNA have FOXSCAPE (& ABP & 15 other Addons).

          The Netscape 4 Browser UI was just "done right" & FOXSCAPE brings that UI forward into the future! Have you SEEN what browsers look like by default today? Ick. They all look like Google Chrome. A single Location bar, nothing else. With FOXSCAPE you can make the Navigation Toolbar "look right" & with a few more edits, you can move the "Location bar" widget to its OWN "Location Toolbar"* & REALLY complete the "Netscape 4" look & feel.

          * Note: Australis is gonna remove the ability to add new custom toolbars, but hopefully someone will write an Addon to bring it back!

          ...& if you wanna Unmerge the Back & Forward buttons, there might be an Addon for that too! (wink wink)...

          Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (5.09) del componente aggiuntivo.