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Nome Alexander Ihrig
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Utente da March 5, 2007
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Send Later Button

A simple button to invoke the (already existing) send later functions.

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Allow HTML Temp

This Add-on allows to have HTML temporarily allowed in the currently displayed message by only one click. When switching to another message, it'll be shown automatically again in plain text or simple html mode (if this is your default mode).

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Get/Send-Button (minimized MagicSLR)

A combined Get/Send-Button and a popup menu with additional functions.

You may want to use it together with the following Add-ons:
* Send Later Button (by me / Alexander Ihrig)
* Send Later (by jikamens)

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ConfigDate allows to configure the "Date" column in message threadpane. When displaying the message header, it is possible to display the (default) formated date or the senders local sent time (Date-String).

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