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Utente da April 6, 2009
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Permits to use several LDAP directories simultaneously for address autocompletion.

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Notification Viewer

Identifies and displays the status of pending and received notifications (DSN, MDN) for messages sent with notification requests. To get full experience with this addon, don't forget to use DSN settings and MDN extended addons too.

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DSN Settings

Adds user interface settings for Delivery Status Notification (DSN) requests. This addon is usefull for settings for Delivery Notification request and better experience with Notification Viewer addon.

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Directory Contact Tabs

Displays additional information about contacts from LDAP directory servers. The new panels are provided by one or several customized Directory Contact Tabs (Data) add-ons.

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Card Viewer Extended

Adds a button in address book cards to fetch and display the certificate of a contact.

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