Folders and Filters


Tag Sequence Arranger

Enable you to arrange the tag sequences in their listbox.

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EmailPicky 4

Grab email addresses from emails from any selected Email Folder and add them to your contacts. (Email Crawler / Email ID Grabber / Bounced email collector) - Thunderbird Plugin

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Awesome Auto Archive Riavvio non richiesto

Automatically do Archive/Copy/Delete/Move actions based on user defined rules

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Reply Monitor

Keep track of your emails and replies (Lightning is required).
Note: the name of this add-on has been changed to Reply Monitor because the previous name is a registered trademark.

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Hide Local Folders

Removes the "Local Folders" entry from the folder pane.

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Genera al volo dei filtri per i messaggi trascinando e e rilasciando (drag & drop) le email e analizzandone gli attributi.

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Color Folders

Color your Folder Treeview Icons!

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This addon allows virtual folders (saved searches) to automatically process all subfolders of their selected target folders.
The search targets are updated automatically whenever a new folder is added, or a virtual folder is updated.

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Rethread Riavvio non richiesto

This addon adds an entry in the right-click menu which re-threads selected messages together (groups selected messages into the same thread)". This is done by _modifying_ messages; the author of the addon declines any responsibility for data loss.

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IMAP Draft Unread

This is a Thunderbird addon that lets you customize the behavior of the IMAP draft unread messages. No more new mail notifications for your drafts!!

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Tired of writing a lot of filters? Install SmartFilters now to organise your mailbox automatically. It can sort out your mailing lists and robot emails.

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QuickFilterPlus Riavvio non richiesto

Adds personal filters to quickfilter toolbar

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This extension adds some basic missing features about folders.
Move mails to their conversation folder. Navigate to folder with new keyboard shortcuts.

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Sieve Out of Office New

A Thunderbird plugin to allow one to set out of office messages and / or redirect emails to colleagues via a easy to use pop-up dialog.

This Out of Office plugin requires that your POP3 / IMAP server also have a sieve service.

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Caps Killer is a protection against newbies using caps in their mails.

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Re-submit messages received from users to a predefined recipient(s)

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Folder Levels

Rank your email folders by how much you care about them, and hide the ones you don't need right now.

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Organize email into folders quickly and easily.

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Facciamo cercare quelle ricerche salvate in tutte le cartelle!

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Collapsed Unread

Shows unread email count for collapsed folders even if the unread mails are in subfolders.

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