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Sender Verification Anti-Phishing Extension

Protects you from phishing attacks by verifying the From: address domain name of emails as you read them. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DNS-based reputation lists are used.

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SenderFace enables you to associate images (faces) with Email senders (from...

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Add SendAt option to the compose window to allow sending a message on a particular date and...

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This Extension lets you send Mails to both, first and second email address...

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Sometimes you need to select a specific SMTP server for sending the current message? Then SendVia is for you.

SendVia provides the `Send' button of message composition windows with a drop-down menu from which you can select or create the SMTP server...

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Send without subject and without confirmation alert

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Sensitive Attachment Guard

A Thunderbird add-on censor sensitive attachments (currently Microsoft Office documents) from being sent to unintended recipients.

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Sent-By-User column

Adds a new column in message list-view, that will display the name of the user who sent the mail (read from a message header).
Manual configuration required. ONLY FOR THUNDERBIRD.

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A general-purpose JavaScript console for all Mozilla toolkit applications.

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sepsis-console (Deprecated)

THIS VERSION IS DEPRECATED. Use instead. See the description below.

sepsis-console is a general-purpose JavaScript console for all Mozilla toolkit applications.

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Serial Letter

Provides the ability to start writing a template-derived letter directly from within the address book. Supports also multiple recipients. Supports only TeX and similar systems at the moment.

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Set Default Columns

Provides ability to set default visibility of columns in the thread pane.

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setenv Riavvio non richiesto

Automatically set environment variables based on preferences.

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Sets the urgent flag (X11) of the Thunderbird window under Linux in case of new messages. Does ignore special folders like Drafts, Junk and such.

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Shift Box

Replay your INBOX!

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Shift-Delete Controller

Controls shift-delete button behavior. Confirmation dialog is optionally displayed in user defined...

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Show Address

Shows the Sender/Recipient Mailaddress in the Mail List. Normaly, only the Name is displayed, which is wrong on most Spam Mails. Now you also can clearly see which of your Mail Addresses was used, extremly usefull if you are using a chatch-all...

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Show Address Only

Adds columns to display Sender/Recipients mailaddress only.

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Show All Body Parts Riavvio non richiesto

Enable the View | Message Body As | All Body Parts message display mode.

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Show Fixed-width Temporarily

Show the current plain text message in fixed-width text.

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