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It goes in to the adds on however there is no "A new button is added to header tool bar" so yet another useful add on broken am getting aggravated, don't any add ons work for Thunderbird?!

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hah, they keep telling me not to submit a bug report, but there is simply no place to submit a bug report. so here is one:

i can't make it detect if something is already classified as spam. in the config i give:
X-Spam-Flag: YES
at "Spam detector", however, it does not recognize the header. (this is spamassassin's default spam marker header.)

one more misgiving: once you've classified a message as spam or ham (i don't know about the latter, i haven't yet had the chance to see the button, see above why), you can't backtrack. it would be nice to have an option to reclassify.

btw, moving to an IMAP folder doesn't work either. even though i chose my SPAM folder as the destination, it doesn't stick -- next time i'm bringing up the config box it doesn't display my choice, like it forgets.

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Sadly, this is useless. No clue as to how to customize for my provider.

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Works great via E-Mail. Could use some help setting up via POST.

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Please provide some documentation.

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there is no support link to report bugs or problems! how can I get this working?

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