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Versione 2.1 21.5 kB Compatibile con Thunderbird 2.0a1 e seguenti

Defect fixed: Well, this is only sort-of a defect. When the most distant calendar event is not too far in the future, the version 2.0 of this addon was publishing a *.ifb file with an end date header reflecting that event date. This caused an odd behavior in outlook. The outlook scheduler would show gray or crosshatched background because it was declaring "no free busy info for John next Thursday". What I really wanted was to show that I was free. Version 2.1 of the addon includes a fix for this making the *.ifb file publish with a minimum of 12 months of time into the future. Therefore, someone with no future appointments still shows as free in outlook rather than "info unavailable".

Added the Organizer field so that users can override the email address written to the published *.ifb file.

Versione 2.0 21.5 kB Compatibile con Thunderbird 2.0a1 e seguenti

Updated for TB 5, TB 6. The FB publishing was previously including a year of past events and a year of future events. With this release, the events are trimmed to only include 1 month of past events and a year of future events.

The addon now replaces the username multiple times when reading FB urls in the meeting invitation window. For example, if you have a URL like
the previous releases would only replace the first occurrence of <username>. This release will replace multiple occurrences as denoted by asterisks like this
Thanks for the that one Christoph!

Special thanks to Chistoph Mueller for the extensive testing and insightful feedback for this addon.

John Leveille

Versione 1.3 21.5 kB Compatibile con Thunderbird 2.0a1 - 3.3a1pre

The 1.3 release includes some improved parsing of the Free/Busy file in the Invite Attendees meeting organizer. I also added more names to the About tab as there are now a handful of people contributing to this effort. This version is quite and highly recommended.

Versione 1.1 20.5 kB Compatibile con Thunderbird 2.0a1 - 3.2a1pre

This release includes fixes which were preventing the addon from functioning correctly on Linux and Mac systems. There is no need to use the SOGO Connector any longer. This release includes the code required to make the "Invite Attendees" window in Thunderbird work correctly. I also upped the max version of the addon to Thunderbird 3.2a1pre, so all you 3.1 users can be happy.

Versione 1.0b14 20.5 kB Compatibile con Thunderbird 2.0a1 - 3.0.*

Fixed I/O exceptions on the mac.
Added Settings tab so the SOGo connector is no longer needed to schedule meetings. This extension has both the ability to publish .ifb files and to read them.
Added a checkbox and a file path for log file.

Versione 1.0b13 20.5 kB Compatibile con Thunderbird 2.0a1 - 3.0.*

Versione 1.0b11 16.4 kB Compatibile con Thunderbird 2.0a1 - 3.0.*

I have discovered that the SOGo connector will not install on Thunderbird 3. This means that TB3 users cannot see available meeting times in the "Invite Attendees". I am working on adding the feature to the Free/Busy add on to provide these free busy times to the "Invite Attendees" window.