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Cache Offline Alert Restorer

Restores the alert when a website asks to store data for offline use.

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Tooltip Plus

Show tooltips for links and images with URLs, icons, alt text, and long titles.

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FireCsv Riavvio non richiesto

View pretty CSV directly from within Firefox and Thunderbird.

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Forumzilla lets you read news and blog feeds in your email application. It is similar to the feed reader built into Thunderbird, but it lets you download stories into any folder in any POP, IMAP, or local account (configurable per...

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No Tooltip Timeout

"title" tooltips won't disappear anymore

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Password Mask Changer Riavvio non richiesto

Changes the mask character used in password fields.

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Reddit History Riavvio non richiesto

Keeps track of all the submissions you viewed on Reddit

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PONG! Multiplayer

Play a game of PONG! while you are waiting.

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Переадресация на доступные информационные ресурсы

Система предназначена для переадресации с алиасов или с устаревших и более недействительных сетевых и локальных адресов информационных ресурсов на действующие, по которым ресурс доступен. Система может производить расширенный поиск ресурсов.

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Perapera Japanese-French Dictionary File

This is additional dictionary file for use with the Perapera Japanese Pop-up Dictionary add-on.

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Zing! Locale Switcher Riavvio non richiesto

Want to change from one language to another? Zing! and the locale is switched.

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Bypasses DNS-based censorship

NOTE: This was created as a SOPA protest in 2012. This does not work anymore for most sites. Use Tor instead.

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Easy AutoFocus

Adds feature autofocusing for text areas.

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Dictionnaire des synonymes FR

Adds to browser French(FR) synonyms dictionary from package LibreOffice.

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Prevents Google and Yandex from obfuscating and hijacking links in SERP.
Allows to copy/paste *direct* links from Google/Yandex search results instead of redirects.
Yahoo is also supported.

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FM Scene

FM Scene ist die erste Erweiterung für den freien Browser Mozilla Firefox (und SeaMonkey), die alle Fanseiten zum FUSSBALL MANAGER von EA SPORTS durch nur einen einzigen Klick erreichbar macht.

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Show History Popup Riavvio non richiesto

При нажатии средней кнопки или прокрутке колесика мышки показывает всплывающее окно истории в строке адреса и поиска.

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MathML Zoom Riavvio non richiesto

Allow zooming mathematical formulas

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Synonym-Wörterbuch DE

Adds to browser German(DE) synonyms dictionary from package LibreOffice.

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InlineDisposition Reloaded Riavvio non richiesto

InlineDisposition Reloaded changes the disposition type of "Content-Disposition" response headers from "attachment" and "file" to "inline"

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