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Synonym-Wörterbuch DE Riavvio richiesto

Adds to browser German(DE) synonyms dictionary from package LibreOffice.

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log2stas LiveJournal Add-on Riavvio richiesto

a) Auto-expand comments threads b) Copy a fragment of text or link to a picture to LJ editor from other pages. c) Simplify use of lj-cut d) Allow quickly switch between anonymous and normal browsing.

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ChatZilla pl-PL Riavvio richiesto

Polski pakiet językowy do ChatZilli.

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BackupHelper Plus for ScrapBook Plus / XSidebar Riavvio richiesto

BackupHelper is an Add-On to the firefox extension ScrapBook / ScrapBook Plus. This is modified version of the original Add-On. Uninstall the original BackupHelper before you use this extension.

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XDM Hook Riavvio richiesto

XDM integration module for Firefox

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Zorcher Riavvio richiesto

Selezione di un piccolo testo sulla pagina non è necessario copiarlo nella barra di ricerca del browser o motore di ricerca. Basta premere il tasto destro del mouse e selezionare il servizio di ricerca dall'elenco disponibile.

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CannaFox Marijuana Add-On Riavvio richiesto

SeedFinders CannaFox Marijuana Add-On connects the threads from 38+ homegrow forums worldwide with more than 4500 medical marijuana strains. You also can search and browse through seedfinders cannabis-strain-database directly from your sidebar.

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FAYT Revived Riavvio richiesto

Ripristina la barra di ricerca completa attivando l'opzione "Cerca nel testo quando si digita qualcosa".

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MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay Riavvio richiesto

Disables default delay when installing...

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Amazing Media Browser Riavvio richiesto

A Multimedia Download Tool

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MirFox Riavvio richiesto

Firefox - Miranda NG integration.
Adds options to Firefox context menu:
- Send page, link or selected text to contact from Miranda
- Set page, link or selected text as status message on Miranda account

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Focus Regainer Lite Riavvio richiesto

Return focus from embedded object back to browser on browser hotkeys double pressed.

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Add support for MathML 3 features not implemented in Gecko.

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IP Flager

Shows country flag for the website in the location bar.

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WOT Play Replay Riavvio richiesto

Данное приложение расширяет возможности сайта

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Colonna Mittente/A Riavvio richiesto

Aggiungere una colonna “Mittente/A”, che indica il destinatario se si è il mittente.

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Google Cache

Google Cache lets you visit retrieve the web page from Google Web Cache when the site is offline.

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Converter from content MathML to presentation MathML

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Nepali Patro Riavvio richiesto

Calendar for Nepalese People

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Bugmail Riavvio richiesto

This extension adds bug status to the header pane. It currently supports Bugzilla, Trac, Flyspray and Launchpad.

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