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Enables toggling of Replied/Forwarded states of messages.

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Aggiornato January 27, 2013


Add legacy protocol support back to Firefox and SeaMonkey with OverbiteFF, which restores support for Gopher servers, plus CSO/ph searches, finger, whois and more! Cross-platform JavaScript runs anywhere Firefox does.

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Aggiornato January 25, 2013


Like FlashGet's batch download,but special designed for some image site!

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Aggiornato January 24, 2013

WebPG for Mozilla

An extension which provides GnuPG/GPG/PGP related functions to Moizilla Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey

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Aggiornato January 23, 2013

Tahoe Data Manager

Central access point to Cookies, Content Preferences, Permissions, Form Data

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Aggiornato January 18, 2013

BOINC Stats 2

Displays your Total and Recent Average Credits for BOINC distributed computing projects in the status bar.

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Aggiornato January 16, 2013

MathML-mml3ff Riavvio non richiesto

Add support for MathML 3 features not implemented in Gecko.

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Aggiornato January 5, 2013

yangben dictionnary

spell check for Yangben Cameroun

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Aggiornato December 30, 2012

MathML-ctop Riavvio non richiesto

Converter from content MathML to presentation MathML

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Aggiornato December 27, 2012

Select Search Shop Riavvio non richiesto

Select Search Shop : select text and Search in different shops.
1. Select: Select product name/text
2. Search: Click on right click and search in different top shops.
3. Shop: Shop/Buy the product.
4. Get products at low price & Save Money.

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Aggiornato December 20, 2012


Colour your text to the "last-picked" colour you chose in the colour-picker. Now you don't have to use the colour picker every time.

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Aggiornato December 19, 2012


if you find some web page use Hidden Text insert in normal articles,try this.

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Aggiornato December 15, 2012

Update Channel Selector

Allows you to change the application update channel.

Changing only the channel with Gecko 12 became insufficient because it's "*.mar" related security landings.

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Aggiornato December 12, 2012


Displays RSS, Atom, Twitter, parsed HTML and NNTP feed in a scrolling area in the status bar. Compatible with podcasting RSS which can be downloaded directly. It's also a good Google email notifier.

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Aggiornato December 9, 2012

Bosnian spell checker

This is a comprehensive spell checker that contains more than 300 000 words of the Bosnian language.

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Aggiornato December 5, 2012

SM Home Button

Navigation bar Home Button (resurrected by sailfish)

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Aggiornato November 29, 2012

History Janitor

Firefox does not give an option to remove the oldest entries from the history. History Janitor automatically purges history entries on Firefox startup. The user is allowed to specify a number of days. Everything older than this number is deleted!

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Aggiornato November 29, 2012

MinimizeToTray revived

Minimizes windows into the system tray.

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Aggiornato November 21, 2012


แถบเครื่องมือของ ThaiSeoBar (PR, Dmoz, Google) เป็นเครื่องมือที่อำนวยความสะดวกสำหรับวิเคราะห์ SEO ของข้อมูลในเว็บไซต์อย่างรวดเร็วที่ซึ่งมีจุดประสงค์ให้เว็บมาสเตอร์เป็นผู้ใช้ นอกจากนี้ยังมีคุณสมบัติพิเศษสำหรับผู้ใช้ทั่วไปอีกด้วย

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Aggiornato November 15, 2012

WDownloader WGrabber Riavvio non richiesto

WDownloader plugin for Firefox

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Aggiornato November 14, 2012