The add-on which made me fell in love with coding again Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I do webdesign and programming as a hobby in my spare time and I really like coding and taking care of a few websites I have. A year ago I was about to give up because of the bugs I was getting all the time and no matter how hard I tried to write correct and proper code, I was inevitably ending with a few problems which were turning my entire design upside down.
I loved coding but I hated the bugs more than anyone and it was very time consuming to re-read the entire code and find where exactly the problem is, and playing with the div's background color, and width, and height, and finding what exactly causes that page to look awful was so not for me.
Fortunately, I stumbled upon an article retweeted by someone and they were recommending this add-on. Now I can easily debug my pages and see what my mistakes are, I don't need to copy/paste source codes and read them in text editors and spend hours on that. The Ctrl+Shift+F key combination is my best ally now, It helps me debug and keep myself a happy designer. How great!

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