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Kashif Iqbal Khan

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Perché Copy Urls Expert è stato realizzato?

A friend of mine was using CopyAllUrls extension. But when Mozilla started shooting a new version every three months, it did not remain compatible any more. He asked me and I gifted him CopyUrlsExpert. :)

Quali sono le prospettive per Copy Urls Expert

I keep receiving requests from users (which is good because it tells you that people like your work). Somethings that are in queue:

- Copy Urls Of Current Tab Set
- Customized date format
- Allow to open tabs in new window
- Better localization support

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore
Nome Kashif Iqbal Khan
Località Melbourne, Australia
Lavoro Software Engineer
Pagina principale
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Utente da June 21, 2008
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 6 componenti aggiuntivi
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