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La mejor que he usado, la interfaz es sencilla de utilizar, ahora podrás decidir que quieres hacer con la información y en cuales condiciones se muestran los Scripts.

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hello, is it possible to have more parameters to choose?
for example: enable or disable lightbox, or similar effects that are annoying...? thanks

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beware, this addon makes permanent changes to your browser's behavior, even if you uninstall it!

if you change some of the settings, the addon doesn't offer any way to go back to the defaults. the changes are made to hidden preferences in your about:config, and those changes stay permanently, even if you uninstall the addon. there is no list anywhere of which preferences are changed, making it very difficult to manually set things back to the way they were, using about:config.

if you install this addon, make sure you write down all the settings before you change any of them, because there's no going back!!

Works almost perfectly, but... Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

It works perfectly in FF3.6 (and older) on Windows (XP). However, in FF7 on Linux (Lubuntu 11.10) it fails to block the scripts from hiding the Bookmarks Toolbar, i.e. unchecking the "Hide the bookmarks toolbar" has no effect. This probably has something to do with the new toolbar scheme that FF introduced in newer versions.

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although the policy management tab is a little buggy in firefox 3.6.17 (deleting and editing of permissions almost impossible) the extension controle de scripts seems to be quite useful. i will use it to further improve my privacy and security.

for example, if you are worried about browser fingerprinting (test it at you can turn off certain information leaks while javascript in general keeps working. for example, i successfully prevented the broadcasting of my screen resolution by adding the permission rule "Window.screen" and setting the status to "Block". This also works to prevent the disclosure of installed plugins by adding "Navigator.plugins" and much more...

i recommend to use controle de scripts together with the famous addon noscript which allows to manage javascript permissions on a website-based level.

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Advanced Settings (policies or whatever they're called in english version of this addon) seem to bebuggy in FF5. New policies are not saved. Can anyone confirm this?

L’utente ha un commento precedente su questo componente aggiuntivo.

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Today the use of this add on is limited, since with NoScript, I block all script from certain domain. But in the future, I may become necessary to allow certain script-functionality from a domain, whil still blocking functionality from that same domain.

When this day will have arrived,I guess, this add on would be the thing to look at.

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Great addon to prevent annoying changes to the browser behaviour/appearance. I didn't expect more from this addon.

SP didn't work for me, but at the moment i don't need these. Changes of the max. script time won't be saved, i had to alter this value via about:config.

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It's a great idea in concept, but the extension doesn't work too well (the Security Policies manager in particular).

Managing the default policy works, but anything beyond that is broken.

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It's a great tool, and it does work. One little advice, though: blocking 'window.location' in the advanced tab can mess up some of your Greasemonkey scripts.

Thanks Fernando!

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I've had this add-on forever but I really want to replace it with something else. There is basically no information on how to use this (the info that is there is laughable) and either the advanced policy manager doesn't work or is simply too arcane to figure out. I can't even tell when I'm on a website whether the policy manager is using the right policy, and if it is then my attempt to block for a specific policy simply isn't working. There's zero feedback on what the add-on is doing, so there's no way to know if it's even doing anything at all; the one thing I'm sure it is not doing is its job. Either the extremely crappy UI needs to be rewritten or somebody needs to document it properly. (By the way, how about an option to block pop-ups that don't go to the same domain? That would stop like 99% of ads. There's no way I'm the first person to have thought of that.)

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Could you update this extension for firefox 3.6?

very cool, but needs a little work Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

UPDATE: the advanced policy manager is a pain. it would be a HUGE plus if one could simply create a new policy for a website(s), then change the settings in the UI and apply the new settings to the policy rather than having to research property/method stuff that many users could care less about (me).


nice tool, simple, easy to use.

as for those referencing NoScript, yes, it does work with NoScript and no, this is NOT a replacement for NoScript.

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A great idea. I installed it to try and stop alert boxes on exiting pages commonly used by popups but either it doesn't support it or I couldn't figure out how to use it. I found noscripts does it so I decided to switch. However even after uninstalling lightboxes don't seem to work. I'm not sure if it's this extension specifically though.

Nice concept, but... Assegnate 2 su 5 stelle

It doesn't work with NoScript.

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Just a little warning: If you uncheck "change images" under preferences>permissions, the previews / thumbnails on might stop working properly. Read more:

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This is brilliant, thank you! A site was framebusting me out of my RSS reader. After some digging, I learned about CAPS, and subsequently this addon. Setup an advanced policy: Window.location = deny. Worked like a charm... no more JavaScript walking over me and my browser.

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Excellent. Finally get rid of those stupid pages that resize my window.

Useful plug-in, thanks! Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Excellent add-on for my favourite browser.

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the power of CAPS for everyone!