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"By Odin's Beard!" I exclaimed "these blasted torturous ads keep appearing every single time I go to watch a video" so then I said "something must be done to stop this!" so I knew the only place I go was to the "Land of Mozilla" in the Province of addons and as I approached I said "thou good and fair province of addons in the land of mozilla hear my cry my computer is being taken over by the dark forces of ads" as I was crying out a man approached me and said "you have a problem with ads?" "yes" I replied and he opened a box and handed me a a red stop sign with the letters adp on them "download this on to your browser and you shall be free from the acursed ads" he said so I took it back to my computer and downloaded it and when I opened my browser back up I went to a video hosting site to test if it had worked "What Sorcery is this?" I exclaimed "the ads are gone?" I was rather astonished by this so I tested more and more video sites to see if this indeed worked and sure enough the evil ads had withered away at the power of the adblock plus "good and true mozilla thou hast delivered me from mine woes so I thank thee" THE END

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