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Nome AstralTim67
Località Grand Island, New York, USA - God Bless Us All!
Lavoro Truth Seeker - Awakened - Awakening Others
Utente da August 13, 2012
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There isn't much time left for humanity on Earth. I know you are thinking you've heard this before but this is precisely accurate. Nibiru will nearly miss Earth close to March 26th, 2016. Annunaki inhabitants will invade the Earth and convince mankind that they were the ones who created them. Nothing could be further from THE TRUTH. The deceit is often very convincing. Always remember that "no matter what" is said, or whatever information you discover, always remember that Jesus Christ, Our Lord & Savior and Heavenly Father, will forgive anyone seeking redemption. Please visit StopTheGlobalists to wake up as many minds as possible to save as many souls as possible. People who are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven "will" perish in a lake of fire, for all eternity. Seek Jesus Christ and repent for your sins. He will forgive you. Nobody knows "Love" like Jesus Christ, which is what you will experience in the Kingdom of Heaven. Please save your soul and WAKE UP the human population from thousands of years of lies, manipulation and mind-control. Guard and protect your soul and the souls of your family members. This is the importance of family and the very reason these evil-to-the-core Jesuit, Zionist and Luciferian globalists want to destroy the "family" dynamic in societies throughout the world, so they'll have more power over the individuals. The Common Core Curriculum is another tool in their agenda for world domination and the permanent enslavement of mankind.

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