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Utente da November 3, 2008
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Encrypted Communication

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Fan. Freakin'. TABULOUS.

Thank you!

I have some minor usability niggles that I'll probably post elsewhere (if there is such an elsewhere for that), but this extension a splode my mind.

QR Secret Decoder Ring

Teh codes werk! Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Simple and functional, and a great name :) thx.

Personal Titlebar

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Works as advertized with one caveat: it is not so obvious that to obtain the desired functionality: you must click the view menu, then remove the check mark for "menu bar." I suggest you add everything in that last sentence after the colon to this addon's description.

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Send Tab URLs

Does what it says well Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

I've just found that it only exports the first group of tabs in Firefox' relatively new "group tabs" functionality. If this drawback isn't important to you, this straightforward and sensible add-on can be a great help.

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[UPDATE: demoted to 1 star because it has not been able to post to twitter for me for a very long time. Installing even on new setups.]Dandy. Makes twittering a breeze. And it keeps better.Four suggestions (maybe one is a question):1. Have it report whether your tweet is too many characters before it attempts to post to twitter (i.e., the prompt to ask whether you want to post comes after this check, if the check passes).2. If the post length check fails, copy the post into memory before notifying the user, then paste it back into the browser bar so it can be abridged to fit. That would be easier than re-typing, and possibly having the check fail again. For those who have more difficulty with brevity :)3. This may be the question: does it prompt before posting a link? I'm not sure it did, and I was trying to post a text tweet (typed, not a URL), and was then surprised to see a tinyurl-abridged url posted to my twitter account (this was after attempting to post a tweet that was too long, so I abridged it - and must have accidentally posted a link meanwhile). So at least, maybe it's too easy to post a link without realizing it.4. (re another user's comment) I'd also like to see the old 't' logo instead (I liked it more), as it was easier to connect that visually with the "twitter" brand.

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I also love this theme, and also miss it - Please update for Firefox 3!