Il Giardino Onirico

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Nome Il Giardino Onirico
Località Roma
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Utente da July 4, 2013
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Il Giardino Onirico (The Onirical Garden) formed in September 2008 when keyboard player Emanuele “Vastitas” Telli (from “Consummatum Est” doom metal band), guitarist Stefano Avigliana, bass player Ettore Mazzarin and drummer Massimo Moscatelli (ex-“Anomal Essence” member) combined their individual strength to give voice and freedom to the energy running madly in their heads.Their musical background is really wide and varied as each member has preferences for different genres: Emanuele is influenced by prog rock, electronic, experimental, classical, avant-garde and dark genres; Stefano by prog metal, rock, jazz and fusion; Ettore by jazz and prog rock; Massimo a lover of rock and metal in all forms but also of movie soundtracks. It’s easy to imagine that, what comes out from such diverse musical cultures, is something difficult to define and label. The most appropriate term could be progressive, but intended in a wider sense… It’s with this line-up that they develop their first composition entitled “Complesso K” which is a shifting suite filled with a variety of visions and, thanks to this first effort, in September 2009 they are awarded as the winners of the Salefino Rock emerging band music contest.Afterwards, in October 2009 a new member joins the band: Dario Hakim. Being an enthusiast of prog rock, metal but also of funk, electronic and synth pop, he inserts himself as generator of ambient and sound effects and his contribution rises the band to a new level and emphasizes even more the visionary component of their music. In this period the band records a demo entitled Complesso K.After the release of Complesso K, Il Giardino Onirico begins to compose new material with the arrival of Marco Marini, poet, painter and photographer who joined in the band with his narrative vocals.In 2012, Il Giardino Onirico released it’s first full length, Perigeo.What the six members create is a fleeting and schizophrenic fantasy that tunnels the listener in a dimension made of sensations and synaesthesia, an onirical dimension made of dreams.. and why not… nightmares…

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