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Due to the limitation of Firefox WebExtension APIs (as of 11 Oct 2017), out of 9 legacy extensions, only 1 could be fully ported while the other 8 could only be ported as hybrids (which Mozilla will support up to FF56).

To find out your options to run legacy and hybrid WebExtension add-ons, search for "ghacks firefox options run legacy addons".


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Google Date Keeper Compatibile con Firefox 57+

++ Data @ Cerca con Google
Ultima ora * Ultime 24 ore * Ultima settimana * Ultimo mese * Ultimo anno

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Reading Firefox internal pages below content.

+ Profiles
+ Performance
+ Restore Session
+ Troubleshooting Info
+ View Cookies
+ Show All Bookmarks/History/Downloads
+ Manage Add-ons…
+ Manage About:Config…
+ about:debugging

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UI Eraser

Hide Firefox User Interface.

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Offline Restart Buttons

Quick offline switch and restart.

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The Idle Login

Auto-login using bookmarks [with Firefox Password Manager].

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