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Nome haselnuss
Utente da July 10, 2008
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ScrapBook Plus

Helps you to save web pages and organize the collection. If you are using Firefox 18 or newer, use the beta, which is available on the development channel.

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ScrapBook Plus 2

Attention! Alpha version! Do not use as a replacement for ScrapBook Plus 1!

Save web pages and organize them.

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Great idea, bad execution Assegnate 2 su 5 stelle

This extension let's you change the position of a sidebar with ease. Right-click on the title of the sidebar and select the new position. So far, so good. But you might experience problems when using other extensions using a sidebar (for instance ScrapBook/ScrapBook+). MultiSidebar prevents them from updating their sidebar title properly. Don't be surprised at seeing the wrong sidebar getting a new title.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (0.2.1) del componente aggiuntivo.