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Felix Kloft

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Nome Felix Kloft
Utente da Feb. 16, 2010
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 3 componenti aggiuntivi
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I componenti aggiuntivi che ho realizzato

Hide BookmarksBar Riavvio richiesto

Hides and shows the bookmarks toolbar.

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3.638 utenti

YouTubeNotifications Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Shows YouTube notifications in the toolbar.

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38 utenti

Open Selection in Tabs Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Select multiple links and open them all at once.

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Le mie recensioni

Mozilla Labs: Prospector - AwesomeBar HD

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I can't use Firefox anymore after installing AwesomeBar.
There's a weird bug:
The window keeps focusing and unfocusing. After opening a new tab, my CPU load rises to 100%. It drops only when closing the new tab. I can hardly type in the location bar.
Tested on Ubuntu Linux, clean profile.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (5.1-signed.1-signed) del componente aggiuntivo. 


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Really great addon. There's only one thing I would like to see fixed:
I can't scroll horizontally with my mouse/touchpad. It keeps scrolling vertically. You can check the direction by comparing event.axis with event.VERTICAL_AXIS, see
Additionally, you could maybe add an option to invert scrolling direction when pressing shift.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (0.20.1-signed.1-signed) del componente aggiuntivo.