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Nome Arnab Roy
Utente da January 1, 2013
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Cool Youtube Lyrics

Adjustable autoscrolling Lyrics, can search lyrics in several sites simultaneously, hides ADs, and presents a customizable eyecandy interface.

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Local Load

Recaptcha is broken Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

several sites are broken due to old libraries in it. Recaptcha is no longer working. plz update

Work Offline

Single tab Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

It would be nice if it was possible to make a specific tab go offline.

usi (User|Unified Script Injector)

good for a little bit of automation Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Not full support for greasemonkey yet, but it works for simple scripts

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (0.1.28) del componente aggiuntivo. 

User Agent Switcher

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Simple and sweet. The best bart is tht you can import a list of user agents, actively maintained in forums.

A request (and it would become 5 star):
The user agent is reset upon restart. Please provide a setting to prevent this.