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Outgoing Message Format

Update it for latest Thunderbird (41) please ! Assegnate 3 su 5 stelle

It would be awesome if you could update it for the last versionof Thunderbird because it is a great add-on. Thanks a lot to the developer

Tab Badge

Assegnate 1 su 5 stelle

that’s true, it disappointedly doesn’t it work with tree style tab :(

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Excellent, bien mieux qu’Autopager sur ces points :
- Charge (beaucoup) plus vite les « pages suivantes »,
- Ne fait pas planter Firefox avec « le script a échoué » comme le cause malheureusement régulièrement Autopage sans raison,
- un détail, mais est quand même bien plus sobre sur le plan esthétique (une ligne, et c’est tout!)
Contrairement à ce que dit un commentaire précédent, il y a bien des options à régler : l’ajout de sites à ignorer par Autopagerize.

Gamer's Control

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A brillant idea. However, in some site, input and typing does not unactivate keyboard shortcut. Hence, could you add :
- configurable shortcut (to add a hot key before ALL the shortcuts)
- an ESC keybord to unactivate temporarily the shortcuts.

Thanks a lot!

Fox Input

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Seriously, this is a awestrucking time-saver! Every website has a search bar. You want to search somehting new after reading (and scrolling) the page? No scroll upwards anymore. Alt+i, then type what you want to search. Brillant, lightweight (in RAM usage), does exactly and only what it's meant to do. I highly recommend it!


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I would like to put five starts because there is no alternative of this brillant addon idea BUT it doesn't seem to be compatible with Firefox 37. At least Firefox ( version 37 for me) tells me that it can't install it because it is not compatible. Could you update it ?
Thanks a million !


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Brillant addon, it save a looot of time in google search when you don't get consistent results : CTRL+A and then CTRL+Q, much quicker than the manual way :)

Tranquility Reader

A great and functional add-on to read easily Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

Ok, since I test many 'read-easily' add-on, this is the best one:
- it seems to use a little RAM,
- it is as configurable as I like
- it works perfectly!

BUT it misses something that is really important: I have many pages recorded with custom zoom level. And when I press the shortcut to read with Tranquility, it displays text not at the font size I chose in tranquility settings, but at the level of the customed zoom level I put for the page... That's really bad, I'd rather read any tranquility-webpage at the same font size, whatever is the zoom level I set for the original webpage.

Thanks a lot whatever :)

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Show Keyword

Excellent Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Juste la base!

Korpus lexical: dictionary, thesaurus, translation

Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

F8 and F9 keyboard shortcuts don't work for me (Firefox 34)

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This tool is a great idea, thanks to its developer !
But I personnaly use CC BY (or BY-SA) pictures and other media files to an open source project. But this extension doesn't appear on images webpage in Wikipedia or Flikr !