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NoScript Security Suite

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Many people have written reviews about this very popular add-on. I will simply say that I have been using it for years and consider it one of the very few ESSENTIAL add-ons; and I am not one to exaggerate.

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Anti-Porn Pro - The web porn filter addon!

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Some people claim that young kids or teenagers can easily bypass it. Of course, this is not a proper anti-smut suite (for that you'll need to fork out money) but a mere add-on for Firefox, hence it has to be easy to bypass. However, where this add-on excels is in use for the entire family (not just teenagers) for commonly used computers at the kitchen or some other common area. Any kid that has his or her own computer and disappears from mum and dad, well, that's the family to blame; the kid will always find a way to bypass security (unless one uses an expensive suite). Likewise, a parent who doesn't want their kids to watch smut, should also follow suite. No double standards. It is up to the parent to let the kid know about pornography and what it stands for. It's something that the entire family has to discuss for all; not something to keep kids away from by force, which will only make them look for ways to bypass the security handles.The way I use this add-on is not just in the above sense, but also when I browse on my own, to help avoid going to a smut site without meaning to. This is something quite easy to do on the internet, so it would be nice to avoid nasty surprises when e.g. you mistype a URL and so forth. Together with ad-block plus and NoScript, this add-on often provides some extra protection since it is quite good in avoiding various smut sites which can easily send all sorts of 'goodies' to you, even if you simply go there by accident. It is not perfect but it does a surprisingly good job for a free ad-on. Highly recommended.

Adblock Plus

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The best ad-blocking add-on for Firefox. It is very easy to disable it on a particular subdomain or even on the entire domain, if you need to make sure it is not active (e.g. when you're shopping online). Otherwise it is pretty good in filtering most ads.

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Xmarks Sync

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Simply put, Xmarks does not work any more. I have been trying for over a week (it is now October 2, 2013) to no avail. It will show syncing but it never finishes syncing. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling etc. The problem is present on all computers I have that run the latest version of Firefox (24; the problem was also present in the last version too).

So do not bother installing this add-on. It is broken.

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